Planned Parenthood: Get Your Breast Cancer, Get It Hot!

 by CJ Williams, Social Media Director


             Planned Parenthood wants your money and business. No matter what.

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So P.P. is cashing in in on this by targeting women affected by breast cancer, and young adults! They just hit Kristina's facebook with an advertisement for their new contest: "Breast Party Ever".

This is even more ridiculous in light of their embarrassing debacle over mammograms, following Obama's lame-duck comment about their "non-abortion services" during the election. Did you miss it?  How about Sarah's video, calling clinics across the nation requesting those presidentially-recommended mammograms?

         Check it out:

Planned Parenthood’s loud and clear response: “A what? What’s a mammogram?”

Exactly. So "breast party ever"?  Why breast care matters? 

You know how breast care matters relates to P.P.?  P.P. makes money off the service – abortion – which doubles a woman’s risk of contracting cancer.

Say what?  "That’s why Planned Parenthood has launched a national contest for people to share their own personal stories about why breast health matters."  There’s P.P.’s pitch for their contest.

You can't be more underhanded or shameless.  But it's time to keep the limelight on the this abortion-giant: they've gotten away with shameless killing  for over 40 years.  There's no reason to expect them to care about breast health either -- or women.  But there is good reason for us to reach out to our community, with The Planned Parenthood Project -- because the truth is, most young people have bought P.P.'s product of slick-sexy-image neatly plastered over bloody gurneys, dead children, and money-grubbing. 

What P.P. continues to  sell something they don’t provide,  for a condition their services blatantly cause.  Abortion =  cancer. 

The contest text goes on:  "Planned Parenthood is here to help you take charge of your health with education and early detection for breast cancer. "

…you probably don’t need those non-existent breast-care stuffs, right?  Because P.P. doesn’t have to worry about screening you – they’ve already given you cancer. They don’t need to do mammograms!  They can say statistically, if you’re a woman and P.P. customer, you’ve probably had an abortion – you’ll probably get cancer!

Fancy that.  The Elliot Institute, taking research from numerous studies, gets the facts. “Based on fetal death certificates filed for abortions done in New York State, the study found the politically incorrect results that women who'd had an abortion nearly doubled their breast cancer risk."

Breast cancer is a serious woman’s health issue.  Fertility – which Planned Parenthood treats like a malignant disease – is not.  Children, which Planned Parenthood treats like less-than and worse-than parasites – are not. Women – who Planned Parenthood treats like rubbish – are not, nor are they defective.

But Planned Parenthood is treating breast cancer like a joke, and they’re using women’s honest experiences with the disease to gloss-over their real business, and their real goals: Abortion. No Matter What.

Even if that business model, and that product, cause dead children and doubled risk of terminal disease.

If you’re not paying attention, pay attention now!

P.P. has a contest, and it’s essentially saying this: we know that if you're utilizing our other services -- abortion, cough -- you'll be sure to get that pesky cancer.  Or almost sure. So nevermind screenings or mammograms!   With us, you don't need them.  Just give us your money; and ignore that man behind the curtain there.

This month is also Respect Life Month, and Survivors and Students For Life are hitting campuses across the country with The Planned Parenthood Project to expose P.P.’s deadly operating goals.

"Every woman,” they go on, “deserves access to lifesaving breast cancer screenings from trusted health care providers."  They do. Indeed.

But they don’t need abortion.  In fact, nothing is more life-threatening than Planned Parenthood’s product, and the fact that they sell it slick and hide behind the real threat of breast cancer is a fact that every woman concerned about her health should be aware of.

Planned Parenthood is no healthcare provider.  During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, respecting life, we have a duty make sure they are not trusted.

For more in-depth analysis of the breast cancer/abortion link, see the exhaustive compilation of studies and resource from the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute or check out The Elliot Institute’s excellent critical exposition of the killing side-effects of “safe” abortion here: "Induced Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk Almost 20-Fold".