Respect Life Month: Your Witness Can Stop Murder -- Just Watch

by C.J. Williams, Social Media Direct 


But you really need to focus on all life issues.  The poor, for example . . .  I mean, quality of life; the sick, the dying.  We need not to be narrow about these things . . .

Would anyone deny that action is what demonstrates love?  I might think “I love you” all day, but how much good does that do you?

In the sphere of “life issues”, of course, all human life matters and deserves respect.   In a human body, all systems and functions and parts need care and deserve attention to function properly.  But if you have a gaping wound in your belly, do you want your fellow man to come up beside you and tell you that all of your parts need care?  Let me just do your nails first, and comb your hair, and clean out this awful deposit of earwax, heavens, you can’t have much quality of life with your ears stuffed up!

All the while, your life is bleeding out through shredded viscera, and you want to scream, “You idiot!  I’ll be dead in half a second if you don’t get me to a trauma ward, and some serious surgery and stitches!"

That is abortion in a nutshell.  Our nation is bleeding out all life issues through the gaping hole that is legalized child-killing.

Over thirty-five hundred children are violently butchered per day in the United States alone.  Over thirty-five hundred women are surgically raped, robbed of their baby, and told “it’s just a choice, same as getting your tonsils out”.

This is the bleeding, gory wound in our nation’s “respect life” ethic.  It is the bleeding wound in our churches’ service to the poorest of the poor.  It is the life-blood seeping out of communities, while we sometimes pick and prod at hangnails.

I am not calling serving the poor, feeding the hungry, ministering to the dying, and comforting widows, a hangnail as if they don’t matter.  They matter.  They matter because they deserved this chance at life, the same as each child torn to pieces by an abortionist.  Their lives matter beyond description.

But we spit on their value when we pat them on the head with material goods, and fail to address the poverty that overtly and continuously undermines their foundational worth as human creatures: the poverty known as abortion, legalized human-killing.

The moment we fail to address abortion as the utmost priority, we throw all of our life issues under the bus, because abortion is the practice and belief that human beings are disposable, valuable as goods, not as GOOD.

How do you heal a gaping wound like abortion?  The same way you heal the gaping wound in a gut: action.  For the wound, surgery and stitches.  For the lie that is abortion: witness to the truth, defying the deception that human life is not present in the womb, defying the deception that human life is not inherently valuable, denying the deception that we can ever choose death for another human being.


At Survivors, we’re all about action.  In fact, it can be difficult to write for Survivors unless I’m physically describing our outreach, our training, our activism – because being pro-life is acting pro-life, and changing hearts and minds, I’ve experienced vividly, is not about being clever, not about being eloquent, but about being there in the breach.  Being there with a woman as she turns to walk into a clinic, a visible, physical witness to the life inside her.  Being  there on a campus, a visible, tangible witness to the students that life is the first right, and is being taken from thousands daily.  Being there as a witness so that murder is not unseen, unmourned, or justified by being hidden.

This Respect Life Month, 40 Days For Life hits thousands of cities nationwide.

I love 40 Days For Life.  It takes the Survivor model of action to a level that anyone, anywhere can participate in.  Forty Days volunteers do the most effective outreach in “life issues” there is – they see the value of these deceived or pressured women, they see the value of their children, moments from death, and they stand in front of the clinic as witnesses.  Their actual presence says: You are human, you deserve life; Abortion kills.

Nothing changes the abortion distortion more than that.   Abortion is murder, and murder cannot go on with a witness.

We’re Survivors not just of abortion, but also survivors of a culture that devalues human life to the point of indescribable poverty.

Don’t dismiss serving the poor, or other outreaches.  But look at your priorities and ask: Can I put in 1 hour a week?  Can I put in 1 hour a day?  Can I spend a couple hours during this Respect Life Month preventing murder?

Can I be sure I’m defending  the lives of my brothers and sisters, before I think of improving the quality of their lives? It is time to be a witness; to stand for the first right -- life -- because we lose all respect for human life when we will not protect it in its most vulnerable form.

Anyone can stand outside a clinic and pray.  That means anyone can save a life this month. This week alone, I’ve heard over half a dozen stories of women who came out of the Orange Planned Parenthood to tell the 40 Days volunteers they were the sign she needed to refuse to choose death, but no one had given her any sign that she or her child mattered before she saw them.

It might not be the easiest outreach idea in your mind, being a witness to an attempted murder. But how does the victim feel?

You have the amazing opportunity to be the light in the darkness, to be the truth against the lie, to physically see the relief and hope in a mother’s face as she realizes she is not alone, and does not have to kill her child to survive.

For opportunities to volunteer in Orange County, LA County, and Riverside County, check out the 40 Days Website here or the facebook groups for each as follows: Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange.

40 Days: Day 7 Reflection . . .

May we have a heart and a zeal to save the poor and release the oppressed. 

Get out there! Your simple presence saves innocent lives.  You don't have

to be doing this full-time like I am

to impact your community

and abolish abortion.