Survivors Blast Back Into ABQ; Operation Rescue Exposes Millions of Tax Dollars Given to Late-Term Abortion Through Medicaid


Albuquerque just weathered a concerted attack on the Pain Capable Child Protection Act. Trudy Jones, activist pro-abort councilor, threw a resolution on the table penned to take the ordinance off the ballot before the citizens could even vote, calling it “outright unconstitutional”.

What is wholly unconstitutional is denying the people the right to vote.  But if we’re going to talk unconstitutional, how about the blatant murder of innocent human children under conditions that put their mother’s at almost as great a risk?

This is a national issue. "While putting forth this ordinance has been a local grass-roots effort,” said Tara Shaver,  “This election has important national implications. We believe that the good people of Albuquerque will rise to the occasion and do the right thing to protect these babies who are just a few short weeks or, in some cases, days from birth.”.  It is groundbreaking and unprecedented to take abortion abolition to the local and city level, as  Bud and Tara Shaver, and the people of Albuquerque, have. And we've seen that it works.  Cities and states across the nation have protected their women and preborn, most notably and recently, in Texas, because they've gone more local.

Even now, women from as far as New York travel to New Mexico, late-term abortion capital of our country, to get abortions up-to-birth.  Many of them don’t leave the state without a frantic rush to the emergency room after Curtis Boyd or Shelly Sella perforate wombs, or gouge bowels trying to butcher the baby inside them.

As Survivors of this abortion holocaust,  we’re returning to ABQ. The people are in this momentum for truth and justice, a momentum that can only end in greater protection for our children, and greater awareness of the horror of abortion.  This election has national implications because Albuquerque’s courageous stance in speaking for these babies is and will continue to be a catalyst for our nation’s revolution in overthrowing the abortion distortion, in our nation’s waking to the truth that abortion hurts women and murders thousands of innocent American citizens, in  our momentum to “do the right thing” and protect our children.

November 9-19, Survivors will return to Albuquerque for a second run of public awareness to shore up the already roaring grassroots landslide for life in New Mexico!

Just last week, Laura Morrison addressed the activist city councilor, Jones directly with this: “I worked very hard collecting these signatures ...talking about the child-killing going on right down the street. It is ridiculous that people of your stature are even attempting to say this is unconstitutional. There are smaller children in the ICU ALIVE, PROTECTED. This isn’t some political game. This is life. THESE ARE LIVES. How dare you put nonsense, your political nonsense in front of these human lives? This has passed in 11 other states. We collected  OVER the number of citizens… And you couldn’t even get them counted. It is embarrassing. I am embarrassed by my city. You go sit in the abortion clinic and you watch that sonogram and watch a baby being suctioned out of a mother’s womb.  How can anyone stand for such a barbaric practice in the United States of America?  …”

That’s what we say to our nation’s killing. It is embarrassing that this barbarity continues -- SUPPORTED BY OUR CIVIC LEADERS -- in the United States of America. Let’s end the killing, and make our stand for life solid  from the ground-up with a landslide for life at the polls in Albuquerque!


Local grassroots Project Defending Life is pitching in all to speak the truth -- but also, Survivor-style, to SHOW it!  Embryoscopy ads and billboards are going up.  Survivors will be there put the signage and the voices on the streets, and we’ll ask again: #ABQ, Do You Know? Now you know, DO YOU CARE?

Your vote and your voice, our voice as we travel back to Albuquerque, won’t just save lives here, it will change this nation to one which will stand for life.