From the Trenches: "Aren't You Glad To Be Alive?"


Aren't you glad to be alive?  

The words drifted back to the Team, as a mother and son turned away from one of the large images of a preborn abortion victim.  . .


Bobby - I noticed a kid roll down the hill on a rip-stick and he stopped to watch us as soon as we began setting up the signs.  He watched and listened intently to my conversation with a couple of students, studying the signs the whole time.  I asked him if he wanted a piece of literature and asked, “What do you think about abortion?”  All he said was, “It’s creepy.”  

Emily - A few minutes later, he was still looking at the information boards and photos of the victims of abortion, focusing mostly on a photo of a baby that had been aborted in the third-trimester, and also looking at a photo of a baby that had been aborted at nine weeks, our two clearest photos.  I asked “How old are you?”  and he answered, “ten.”  Then I asked, “Oh, so what are you doing on a college campus today?”  He told me, “My mom is studying in the library,” and kept looking at the signs.  I ended with something like, “Let me know if you have any questions.”

Mary Rose - He rode his rip-stick around where we were set up throughout the day, looking completely oblivious.  I didn’t know that he’d talked to anyone on the team, and thought that the kid just didn’t care about what we had to share. Even if he had spoken to a team member, it appeared as if he’d forgotten.  He rode in and out of where we were set up until just before we tore down.  Then, as we were getting ready to pack up, I noticed that he’d brought his older brother and mother to look at the signs.  When they first looked at the signs, his mom and brother seemed to acknowledge that the images were sad by murmuring and sighing, but the kid insisted that they also look at the image of baby who’d been aborted in the third-trimester, and when they looked at that, they all just stood silently and stared.  After close to a minute, the mom said, “Aren’t you glad to be alive?” and they all three walked off.  

Kristina - We all saw this kid throughout the day, but none of us knew what was going on in his head or heart.  I love this story because not only does it show how we, even on the team, individually only see small pieces of the big picture, it shows how kids are NOT traumatized by images of abortion victims, how how moms CAN  and DO have kids and still go to college.  

Aren't you  glad to be alive?  This is what our Campus Outreach Team sees every day -- in pieces, or as a whole -- the impact of the truthful and vivid representation of what abortion does: it takes a life.

We are glad to be alive. Every child deserves that chance -- and the chance to have a mother turn to them to say, I'm glad you're alive.  That kid is a survivor of the abortion holocaust, and while abortion is legal, he is blessed and lucky to be alive -- because 1/4 of his peers don't get that chance at all.