#ABQ: Early Voting Cracks Records; Survivors Exposing Abortion Business in the Streets!

by C.J. Williams, Social Media Director

Survivors hit Albuquerque this week for nine days of pro-life action and public awareness leading up to the November 19th election which could ban late-term abortions in the late-term capital of the United States!

The Campus Outreach Team in Albuquerque!

The Campus Outreach Team in Albuquerque!

 Already, reports are in that early voting on the Pain Capable Child Protection Ordinance have broken records! Operation Rescue reports a mindblowing 25,000 citizens have sent in early ballots; Kristina texted me moments ago to say most of the citizens they've spoken to have already cast their votes.

At the same time, we have just heard that the ACLU and Planned Parenthood respectively have thrown huge financial weight behind the pro-abort opposition to the ban. Planned Parenthood alone donated an extraordinary $300,000 to "Respect ABQ Women", an organization itself which is directly backed by Obama's radical political action group.

"What we will see when Election Day finally rolls around on November 19 is whether the abortion cartel's big money will over rule the will of the people," said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue, who will join Kristina and Survivors later this week to shore up support for the ban prior to the November 19th election.

Thousands more citizens will be voting on that November 19th date.  For all of this week, Survivors will be canvassing the city with the facts: late-term abortion is big business, not healthcare, and not safe in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

This is the chance to break the death-hold of the abortion business on New Mexico, which is the late-term abortion capital of the U.S., and at the same time, set a precedent towards life for the entire nation.

You can join us in Albuquerque all of this week as we support Project Defending Life, and the local pro-life citizens of New Mexico. 

If you're not in Albuquerque, and can't be, get on your computers and phones: Tweet and Facebook the facts about the Ordinance with the hashtag #ABQ4Life all today!

Polls show over 50% of Albuquerque citizens DO NOT support abortion after 20 weeks.  With Survivors on the ground to show the city exactly what abortion is, we know that figure has to jump. Just as women who are shown ultrasounds of their babies do not choose abortion, so people who get the facts, and images, of preborn abortion victims do not support the killing in their communities.