#ABQ: "Rescue Me!" Vote FOR the Abortion Ban!


Two sisters who joined us during the Do You Know? Do You Care? Campaign in August came out today!  Shirley and Esther have been really involved in the campaign, using the Survivors training they got in the summer to do some serious outreach and activism! They've been out constantly in front of polling places encouraging Albuquerque to vote FOR the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act!


In front of the polling place on Friday, they were holding a sign that said "rescue me" with a photo of newborn babies.  Shirley, inspired after ProLife Training Camp, made the sign -- and has been holding it in front of early polling locations every day.  But as they stood on the sidewalk Friday, pro-aborts drove by and splattered them and their sign with some kind of pink liquid. 

Esther said, "We were SUPER-SOAKED! But I just wiped off my babies and kept going!" She stayed, soaked, for the remainder of the time, encouraging voters to  "Vote FOR the abortion ban!"

There have been other reports they were squirted with Kool-aid, and some  bizarre pro-abort reports have said that Esther and Shirley threw fake blood at the pro-abort activists.  But the Campus Outreach Team was sitting right there! The sisters are extremely amused at some of the exaggerations added to the story.

(Look for the reports online, Students for Life just sent out an email about it today).

But even better, Esther told us that another day this week, she was in a heated debate with a pro-abort.  

A third pro-life volunteer stepped in and asked if she was okay.  Esther answered that she was just having a civil conversation; of course, she was fine.  The other volunteer asked, "Wow. Who trained you?"

Esther said, "The Survivors!"

That's all we ask!  Our mission is to educate and activate communities to be true advocates for life in their own cities, towns, schools. Esther and Shirley took what Survivors offered -- and ran!  Now they're on the front lines in Albuquerque where the ordinance to BAN late-term abortions is set to become a benchmark for the nation in a momentum back towards protection of preborn people, and their mothers!