#ABQ: Urgent Help Needed! Survivors Video Exposes Pro-Abort Sabotage and Lies

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

I only have a few minutes to write to you, but the Survivors Campus Outreach Team has had such a busy, awesome week in Albuquerque that I had to update you.


We’ve spent this week canvassing, phone banking, distributing flyers and yard signs to churches, and PRAYING fervently FOR the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance to pass in Albuquerque.  We’ve watched as the opposition has resorted to harassment, violence, intimidation, hacking pro-life websites, and even bribing students with pizza and candy to get students to vote against the ban. [see photo of Feminist Majority Foundation workers offering pizza and candy for votes]

The good news is that most citizens are FOR the abortion ban.  The majority of people do not want late term abortion in their city.  It has been encouraging to see many hearts and minds changed, just this week, when the Campus Outreach Team has told people what late term abortion is, and how the ban would end it.  The bad news is that the opposition knows this, and will tell people anything to get them to vote against the ban -- we’ve noticed the theme of the opposition’s campaign: CONFUSION.  They will tell people that late-term abortion is a procedure done for a woman’s health, that babies cannot feel pain at 20 weeks, that our photos of victims of late term abortion are false and misleading (watch the video here)-- all LIES.  

Winning the election on Tuesday would end late-term abortion in the late-term abortion capital of the nation.  If we can end late term abortion here, then we can do it anywhere else in the nation.  Even Albuquerque’s mayor acknowledged this in his State of the City address on Wednesday saying, “We’re getting things done here, and we’re doing it at the city level” - a trend, he thinks, that the rest of the nation will follow.  No wonder the opposition is pulling out all the stops.

Friend, I need your help with two things:

  • Canvassing - We need boots on the ground!  The most effective method of getting out the vote before any election is canvassing and having personal interactions with voters.  IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN US!  We will find housing and meals for you, if you travel to Albuquerque from out-of town.  Please email campus@survivors.la to join us for even a couple of hours between now and Tuesday, November 19th.

  • Prayer - The citizens of Albuquerque have spoken.  They signed the petition in droves to get the late term abortion ban on the ballot.  If all of those citizens get to the polls and vote FOR the ban, they can end late term abortion in Albuquerque.  Please join the team and me in praying for a successful voter turnout on Tuesday, and for the success of the ban.

Please check our Facebook page daily for updates from the trenches.


Fiat Vita,