From the Trenches, ABQ: Survivors’ Dive Into The 72-Hour Crunch Before The Election

From the trenches in Albuquerque: Survivors’ Dive Into The 72-Hour Crunch Before The Election

Full House...


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The Campus Outreach Team grew this weekend, as the youngest volunteers for Protect ABQ Women and Children joined us to canvass.  We are very grateful for everyone’s support throughout the week, providing us with meals, water, prayer, and encouragement!

Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery...


Stop Patriarchy, one of the most violent pro-abort activist organizations in the country, organized a rally in front of the University of New Mexico campus to demand abortion up to the day of birth without apology -- and they were looking out for our team. “They’re here!” Bobby and Emily heard one activist exclaim when our team arrived.  .

Not only were they expecting us, but they were imitating us!  This summer, we joined a pro-life prayer rally in front of Hoag Hospital in Orange County, and overtook the entire intersection by walking and chanting at each of its four corners, and through the crosswalks.  Well, Stop Patriarchy tried, but their anemic crowd didn’t come close to our youthful zeal and energy!

What showed the true impact of Survivors’ loving witness to the value of human life -- and the training that puts that truthful witness foremost -- was the reaction of three Stop Patriarchy activists to Lauren’s honest questions during the raucous event.

“Why were they pro-abortion?” Lauren asked. When they got to the root of the issue, all three broke down crying. They felt that they had to pit themselves against innocent children because they had all experienced some kind of trauma in their past, and had been in denial.  Lauren responded to them with compassion: I acknowledge your pain.

This response caused one woman to embrace Lauren and leave her own event, disillusioned.


“You’re The God Of This City”

god city.png

Joined by Students for Life’s #Stand4Life strikeforce, the team joined a local prayer vigil in the Plaza.  The students and Campus Outreach Team were given their own hour to give thanks, and pray for the passing of the late term abortion ban on Tuesday.  One student prayed, “You’re the God of this City... Please cover this city with your mercy and justice, ” as every student had a chance to voice their petitions.  Our efforts were compared to the battle between David and Goliath - Goliath had man-made weapons, but we have something bigger: FAITH!  As we left, one pastor pointed out that our hour of prayer kicked of the 72-hour countdown to the closing of the polls on election day.  Like Esther prepared for 3 days with prayer and fasting to petition the king for the lives of her people (Esther 4:15), we are preparing with prayer and fasting for a just election, which will save lives.

Yard Sign Blitz!


This evening, despite our exhaustion and the evening cold, we hit the street one more time to post signs FOR the ban at multiple intersections.

Keep praying! We’re in the trenches, and this battle is far from over. Volunteers for the opposition continue to flood in: paid, angry, and willing to lie to any degree.

From morning until well after dark, the Campus Outreach Team is covering the city. The huge majority of people do not support late-term abortion. But the battle is letting them know that’s what this ban is about!