ABQ: Drastically Wrong -- Results Are In... But Drastically RIGHT Response By Survivors and ProLife Leadership

by C.J. Williams, Social Media Director


This is not  the end! This is the beginning.


In this historic moment, the impact of a true grassroots movement shines -- the movement that started this enormous landslide of action towards protecting life in ABQ. The citizens of ABQ, lead by Project Defending Life in coalition with Survivors and numerous national pro-life groups, garnered over 27,000 signatures in just three weeks to get this historic ban on a special ballot. They reached thousands, hundreds of thousands of voters with the bloody facts about child-killing in the U.S.

But results are in, and ABQ has rejected the measure ban late-term abortions. We are not discouraged! Survivors lit the fire under a grassroots movement for life that has touched the entire nation! Thousands turned out to vote to end late-term abortion. This new strategy at the municipal level mobilized an entire city to vote and act SOLELY on the issue of abortion!

This is not the end. This is the beginning. For all that, Albuquerque became national news -- and reached the nation with the message that abortion matters, and that babies are human beings who feel pain.  Hundreds of thousands of people who have never considered abortion have woken up to take action.

And we were outspent and outgunned 4 to 1 by a desperate late-term abortion industry, which poured millions of dollars into confusing and distracting voters. 

If the abortion machine thinks they have stopped us at ABQ, they have another thing coming. They had better have millions more dollars to pour into deceit because we will not abandon the children, we will not tolerate the abuse of their mothers, this grassroots movement is not ready step down or bow to a corporate killing machine.

We sent a message to the nation with this ballot: In a blue state, in a liberal city, at the local level, we can change hearts and minds. This was and is truly a grassroots effort, and it shows -- the heart of the people is for life.

Lauren, with pro-life ABQ warrior, Dyanne!

Lauren, with pro-life ABQ warrior, Dyanne!

There aren’t enough millions to silence the voices of these citizen volunteers, like our young Survivors, immoveable in fighting for the lives of our fellow Americans, the preborn. ABQ illustrates a huge leap forward, and shows us our action and immense power of presence make a serious impact. Albuquerque does know, and the fact that they voted at the city level shows they care that children are dying every day.

As we said, this is not the end, it is the beginning.  If we can expose abortion to this extent in Albuquerque -- all the way to a city-wide election in which 47% of a liberal voting public voted to END late-term abortion -- we can take this new strategy to the streets across the nation!

For Survivors? Our next stop is Denver, for a Take Action ProLife Training and Strategy Weekend!

Join us there.  We saw the impact of a grassroots voice for justice in changing the hearts and minds of an entire city, and reaching the nation in the news. Survivors training of volunteers was pivotal in the ABQ campaign. We want your voice in Denver!  

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