What Are You Doing This Christmas If You’re Not Saving Babies?

by C.J. Williams, Social Media Director


           Let nothing you dismay.

          We sing this every year, hear it countless times, as Christmas approaches.  We sing it thinking of a child about to be born, and this joyous birth is an event that means nothing but good.

           Every year, at the same time we contemplate Christ’s birth, women are lined up in grungy or clean-as-clean abortuaries – dismayed, afraid, with child – and they are ready to kill that child.

           Every year, I go to those clinics and sing that carol.

           Because it is time to take that joy to the dirt and dust, want and need that Jesus was born into – the Son of God was born where he was needed, and it was the poor and the needy, shepherds, who first set eyes on him.

           These mothers, deceived and needy, have marked their babies for death.

           But new life is always a joy and always a gift.

           No one in those clinics will tell them that.  Dismay, is all abortion clinics preach. Dismay, dismay – for a dismayed and vulnerable woman will pay a huge bill to escape that dismay.  She will ultimately pay with her child’s life.

           I want you to join me this Christmas and change that fact.


           Last year, I took a ProLife Christmas Carol to half a dozen clinics in LA, and the year before, and the year before.  Two years ago, one of the young children who joined us asked me, “What do other people do at Christmas if they’re not saving babies?”

           The message “let nothing you dismay” is what these women need to hear.  They are ignorant and needy, and abortion clinics capitalize on this AT CHRISTMAS of all times.

           Anyone can take the joy of life to a clinic this coming Christmas season.  I know personally of three women who specifically let me know my singing, and my bringing baby gifts to the clinics on those weekends, erased their dismay, gave them hope, and saved their child’s life.  “What would I have done at Christmas,” one told me, “If I had had to remember every year my baby who I’d let die?”

           If we’re not saving babies at Christmas time – of all times – what are we doing?

           The small, grace-filled act of singing a carol and giving a gift may make the difference between a dead child and a joyful birth this Christmas for countless women.

           If the message let nothing you dismay does not belong to the women at-risk of killing their child, to whom does it belong?


           As we look forward with joyful anticipation to Christ’s birth, let’s remember to whom he was born: a teenage, unwed mother, who had so little she had to give birth in a barn.

           No event I have ever participated in during my pro-life activities has impacted me more with the joy and value of life – or convicted me more with the fact that my love and witness can change a woman’s fear to hope, and erase her child’s death sentence with a birth certificate.  So can yours.

           One of our long-time Survivors, Charles Baldwin, told me this: "It’s heart-warming to share hope and the love...with women and men who are in one of the darkest times in their lives. This event not only saves babies from abortion, it reaches their parents more than any other form of evangelism I've seen."


So make a tradition this year of A ProLife Christmas Carol!  Do it in your own city.  Let nothing you dismay.  Women choose death because no one is there with that message!  God forbid Christmas should be a time where a woman does not find someone full of joy and hope – and gifts – welcoming her and her child with love!

Everything you need  for your own event is on our website from the songbooks, recruitment flyers, church  bulletin inserts, to how to make your own gift baskets!

If  you cannot attend or hold your own, consider donating today so that we can sponsor some of the local youth to put on their own events, pay for gift baskets, and help with transportation!

Join the Campus Outreach Team, and all of Survivors staff, friends and family, in our umpteenth year of A ProLife Christmas Carol in Los Angeles, CA!  Check out the link for date, time, and details.