Abortion Distortion: "Scarlet Rose Didn't Die"

Abortion wounds fathers, and destroys children.

At Survivors, we receive stories from across the nation from young women, young men -- mothers, fathers, siblings -- of victims of this abortion holocaust.

But this story comes from a post-abortive dad hailing from Botswana.  This is the impact of abortion: an innocent child killed.  But this young man is a great example of our generation -- the generation that survived, and will abolish , abortion.

My name is Innocent Chikwira and I live in Botswana.  My girlfriend chose to abort our baby last year without my consent.:  13 September 2012 will remain the  darkest day of my life for the rest of my life. I have suffered from immense  emotional distress and severe depression ever since that  day.

In memory of my aborted baby, and as well to raise awareness about abortion, i  created a Facebook page called Scarlet-Rose Didn't Die in April this year, I also hope to create a website soon if I save up enough. 

In the mean time, I am pushing to get as many likes on my page as possible and in the process engage other willing volunteers with whom I hope to launch a proper website such as yours.

I do not have and can't afford advertising for my page so I'm sincerely requesting that your organization share my page link on your website (if it is possible) to help me increase the number of likes. I hope my association with an international organization/personality such as you, with better resources, can help my page grow and push forward the pro-Life agenda.

 Yours gratefully,


This young man's name itself reminds us of the victims of abortion.  He is one of countless fathers whose babies have been murdered -- because our nation, and our world for the most part, kills its children as a legal and viable alternative to birth.

Abortion is not  a just or viable option.    

At Survivors, we invite you activate your community with the truth: abortion kills .  And this young man is bravely doing just that -- taking his grief and loss into the open to protect other innocents!