#ABQ: "Something drastically wrong. . . "

Laura lives in Albuquerque, and bravely witnesses to the value of the preborn lives lost every day at Curtis Boyd’s late-term killing center.  With the election to ban this heinous and barbaric practice just around the corner, we asked her to write something of her experience, and why this election matters so much to our nation.

by Laura Morrison

So, last Tuesday and yesterday, I saw mothers taking their daughters (or someone else's young teenager) into the late-term abortion clinic [Southwest Women’s Options].

Of all the scenarios I have seen, this one is the hardest for me to handle,  My words and pleading were replaced with tears. I could not muster a single word-- I just stood there crying....and praying.

Friends, something is drastically wrong, when parents are teaching children to 'deal with a mistake' by killing another person...by killing a baby.

Albuquerque is inundated with false claims and outright lies right now over this special election to ban abortion at and after 20 weeks in our city.  Parents are saying it provided a 'peaceful death' for their “fatally ill” unborn child, and doctors are saying [prenatal] test results should be trusted 100% and that they are a valid reason to kill a child. TV ads abound, and mailers are everywhere bearing lies sent from the father of lies.

A pregnant woman will never be denied life saving medical treatment [under this ordinance].  But if her life is truly in danger, she will call 911, not an abortion clinic.  A 2-4 day late-term abortion procedure is anything but life saving medical treatment. In fact, it’s often one of the most life-endangering experiences a woman will ever go into.

If you cannot vote in the Albuquerque special election, I am begging for your prayers that this killing will stop and the ban will pass.


Survivors will be leading the charge in pre-election public awareness campaign Nov 9-19 echoing the explosively successful Do You Know? Do You Care? event in August. As Laura pleads -- join us! For the babies; for the women; for our nation. Because killing a child at any stage of development is inhuman.