#ABQ: The President means to preserve "the right" to kill late-term babies!



President Obama is unleashing his powerful 

"Organizing for Action" group to fight our efforts. 


Dear Friend,  

     President Obama has unleashed his powerful activist organization "Organizing for Action" to fight the pro-life effort to ban late-term abortions in ABQ!

         It is hard to believe, or even fathom, that the President is organizing against you. When I heard it I could not believe and so I went to BarackObama.com to see for myself and there it was under events: "Stand with ABQ Women."

         What does the President's organization mean when it says to "Stand with ABQ women?"

         He means: Preserve the right to kill late-term babies.

         The Survivors are going to ABQ prepared for battle. This is God's battle so the Survivors go as good soldiers of the cross. 

         Kristina called me yesterday as I sat down to write a letter to you. What she said made me stop, pray, and write you afresh today.

         Kristina shared about a miraculous near miss on the freeway as Mary Rose guided a skidding Sprinter van through three cars all avoiding some irresponsible driver. In what seemed an inevitable high speed accident, the huge Sprinter van slid through the cars as if guided by angels. Whether guided by angels or Mary Rose, we know it was God who protected our team and we give Him the praise and glory.

         But Kristina wasn't done.

         She told me how the previous weeks had been the strangest combination of glorious efforts and unwarranted attacks. The team was handing out more literature each day than they had ever done before! Was the Holy Spirit stirring hearts and minds on campus? Kristina could not explain it; she only wanted to share it with great joy!

         Still, as they handed out literature like never before, the opposition also reared its ugly head and Kristina noted how Mary Rose had been cited on one campus for trespass!

         Yes, trespass on a public college campus!

         Now Kristina came to her point: She wanted me to write you and our supporters and ask you to keep them in prayer as they head to ABQ. This is her first battle with the President of the United States funding and organizing the opposition!

         She saw all the events of the last month as precursors of the spiritual warfare to come in ABQ. I wish you could hear the excitement and faith-filled voice with which she spoke to me.

         She started with: "I hope I don't throw a wrench in what you were going to write today."

         Well, thankfully, she did.

         I asked her to write me just a few words on why she felt ABQ was so important,

please allow me to share her quick note with you.

         "Jeff, we have been helping to fight this battle for THREE YEARS." (Emphasis hers) 

         "When we go this time, we will be acting as volunteers, boots on the ground. We willbe in the trenches, so to speak. We are ready to hit the pavement, knocking on doors, handing out flyers, holding signs, providing shuttle services to students to get to the polls, making phone calls, bringing pizza to volunteers, praying for them ...

         . . . and bringing a youthful, hopeful presence to the city."

         She continued: "Time and again, we have compared ourselves to the Marines, because we are the first ones in and the last ones out. This is a perfect example of that."

         "We are not going to Albuquerque for ourselves. We are going for us all."

         "For the pro-life community there, for the babies, for their mothers, for our country, and  for our generation. For us all."

         "If we can end late-term abortion in the late-term abortion capitol of the nation, then we  can end abortion anywhere."

         "On November 19th, the citizens of Albuquerque will vote to end the legal  dismemberment of late-term babies. It will be the beginning of the end of abortion in that city, and possibly the nation."

         I don't need to write you, Kristina just did!

"The pro-life community there has been asking us to help them activate their youth to end abortion in their city and we are leaving as soon as our job in ABQ is done."

         I'd like to add some exclamation points to her note!!!!!!!!

         I was so enthused after talking to her on the phone and reading her note I knew I had to share it with you.

         You will be hearing a lot in the news about ABQ and the late-term abortion ban. The President, weighing in on the side of death, will no doubt muster his minions in the liberal media and decry this attack on a women's right to kill her late-term baby!

         They will slander the good people of ABQ and their motives. They will dump hundreds of thousands of dollars and many man hours to protect this demonic practice.

         Hopefully you won't be reading a lot about the Survivors while they are out there because they are going to work as support for Bud and Tara Shaver, two Survivors Training Camp graduates and former team members.

         The President of the United States is funding the other side, but we have friends like you who sacrifice what they can - and God! The battle is ours to win!

         Please give the best gift you can today to support Kristina and her team of godly young people. They are going in faith, praying for God's guidance and protection.

         Will you give today in faith and pray for them as they charge forward fighting to end late-term abortions in ABQ?

         They go, as the Marines say, for us all. And when you give, you too give, for us all. 


Your friend for Life,

Jeff White


P.S. I have a son and son-in-law who are Marines and another son enlisting right now.              Marines know courage is not an absence of fear but rather a willingness to do what   one must in spite of that fear. In the same way, Kristina's call was tempered by a                recognition of the fearsome spiritual and physical forces that will oppose them. But            her faith in God, and her faith in you and I as we support the team, embolden her as            she displays true courage in spite of those fears 


Donate now -- for us all -- for the babies, the women, and our brave

young people who will stand on the front lines

for the most vulnerable!