A Christmas Carol: "I wasn't here for them... I was here for you".

Survivors received this beautiful testimony event from a woman who joined us  at our Los Angeles A ProLife Christmas Carol outreach.  We recall that it isn’t always just the babies’ lives we save during this outreach. It isn’t just the moms we touch with warmth and love. Sometimes, it is the souls and hearts of the abortion workers our prayers and songs heal -- we remember that Christ came to be with those most hurting, those who have broken their own spirits by complicity with evil and death when he was born that Christmas Day.


by Liz, ProLife Christmas Caroller 2013


Merry Christmas! I wanted to tell you my story... I came to St. Vincent Church on Saturday for my first caroling event. I admit that I was scared as I headed down the freeway by myself to an unfamiliar part of the city. Praying, I asked God to help me and He did, in more ways than I ever expected. First off, before I had traveled another 10 minutes I saw a single and a double rainbow in the sky and it reminded me of one of my favorite songs,"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and that God had put his rainbow in the sky to remind us of his faithfulness on the earth.

I finally I arrived at the church and saw a heavy police presence and people in red fluorescent vests across the street. I thought that must be where the clinic was. I looked around, but there was no one gathering in the parking lot, so I went looking inside. I was also in search of a restroom. Much to my surprise, two young teenagers stopped me in church and asked me if I knew where a restroom was too. They said the one at the church was locked. I told them we could try the gas station across the street.

So, the three of us went across the street.  On the way we shared with each other why we were there, talked about seeking Jesus and crime of abortion.  We had a short but blessed conversation..and parted ways. The police had all left by now.  It was then that I noticed a woman in a red vest leading another woman around the back and so I scurried to find them.  I found out that the vest read,"Pro-Choice-Abortion Clinic Escort" and I followed them as they turned toward the sidewalk, where others happily put on their vests.  At first, they thought I was one of them, but as I stood with them I began to sing Christmas Carols.  From time to time, I tried to strike up a conversation with many of them, but they absolutely refused to acknowledge me or make much eye contact.

As the rain poured down, they handed out umbrellas to each other.  I had none.  A short time later, much to my surprise a man came walking by selling umbrellas for 5.00.  I bought two.  I was so happy to have an umbrella.  It was about that time that the stream of girls, women and men began their walk through the Death Camp escorts to the front of the building. This made me so sad that I  couldn't sing much and could only remember a few Christmas Carols.  A man walked through the gauntlet of Death-scorts on each side of the sidewalk with a baby on his shoulder.  I said to him, "Here sir, have an umbrella, keep you and your baby dry."  He gladly accepted. I stood there for about 45 minutes singing intermittently, when I heard the church bells chime and saw a group forming across the street at St. Vincent's. I knew that it must be Survivors.

The escorts stiffened up and became very quiet as the Survivors crossed the street and approached us. They were singing Silent Night and I sang along with them. The entire group was peaceful and respectful. I continued to stand with the escorts; I was praying for them, and the Survivors, and the women. From time to time, I began to sing again including "Jesus Loves Me".  Then a heavy police presence showed up and after a while Survivors left singing and I heard someone saying, God Bless you.

After Survivors had crossed the street, the escorts seemed to sigh with relief and smiles emerged on many of their faces for the first of only a few times that day.  It was then that I saw a girl run back to a van carrying one of your baby baskets. Another girl soon followed her and got into the van as well.  I ran over to the van and began praying.  An escort followed me.  The girl was speaking rapidly to a woman who looked like it could be her mother.  Her mother seemed displeased at first, but then softened and relented as the girl pleaded with her; and then they drove away.  

I asked the escort next to me why he wouldn't talk to me and if he was afraid to. He answered, "No."  I told him that I wasn't the enemy; he stared straight ahead with a forced smile and that was all he ever spoke to me. I noticed that it was very difficult for the Death-scorts to make eye contact with me or the Survivors group and wondered how very odd that was.

I walked back to the sidewalk and held the umbrella up for the USC sheriffs that were there. An LAPD officer approached me and said, "Ma’am, I going to have to ask you to leave because they (escorts) said you were with them (Survivors). I said, “No, officer, they don't know me and I don't know them.”

I was speaking about both the escorts and Survivors. He said, "Aw, come on.." and I said, "Think about it... if I was with them, wouldn't I be across the street right now?"

"I guess you're right,” he said, “So you’re just hanging out?"

"Yep, I'm just hanging out, taking it all in."

And he said, "Okay" and then all the police officers left and I continued to stand with the escorts... praying for them the whole time.

I moved closer to the front of the clinic and to a red-vested young woman with icy blue eyes, as cold as a stone. She said to me in an angry tone, "Ma’am, I suggest you leave. You are on private property and the police have already been called." I replied to her very kindly, "Thank you for your suggestion," and continued to stand there.

Another red-vested escort  walked up to his comrades and said, "Now I have those stupid Christmas Carols stuck in my head. I hate Christmas Carols!" And the girl with the icy blue eyes, as cold as a stone said something negative about Christmas and her comrade replied, "Well, that surprises me because normally you are a festive person!"

While I was standing there, a thought came to mind, that Jesus was called a friend of sinners and it filled me with compassion as I prayed for these escorts who are so deceived. I turned to the girl with the icy blue eyes, as cold as a stone and said, "My name is Liz, and I wasn't here for them, I was here for you." Her head dropped to her chest and she said, "Okay." Then I said, " I am praying for you," and I walked down the street to my car. I have not stopped praying for her.