From the Trenches: Denver -- Is This My Impact?

by Emily LaBarthe, Campus Outreach Team


Standing out in 20 degree weather in Colorado at a Planned Parenthood holding a picture of a victim of abortion on the sidewalk corner, I waited. I watched the cars wiz by. Then I noticed  an elderly woman slow down to turn the corner; she pulled into the parking lot next to me.

As she got out of her car I watched her face, trying to read what was about to happen. She was walking up to me with a smile, and as she approached me, she opened her arms. A little stunned, I gave her a hug wondering what would come next.


She pulled away, and thanked me!  She said she was pro-life and so glad that I was standing up for the preborn children because her own child had died shortly after birth because of suffocation. She also told me that she had worked in a children’s hospital. During her time working there she walked in to clean up after a procedure (an abortion) and found a baby that was 20 weeks old just lying there, left alone.  She then went on to tell me that she saved the baby and had him given up for adoption.

This woman was so full of gratefulness that when she was done talking to me she gave me yet another big, tight, loving hug followed by a smile. She left to move on to other Survivors to repeat the whole story over again until she had gone to each member of the Campus Outreach Team. As she came to get back in her car she gave me more smiles and more hugs and a huge wave goodbye.

Our abortuary and downtown outreach event was almost over at that point. We spent  about another fifteen minutes standing there before we started to pack up.. Then we walked up to the driveway to pray for about 10 minutes. We watched the  clinic workers looking out the window at us as they  pulled the blinds down and twisted them closed. When this woman shared her stories with me it helped me know babies are being saved through our prayers. I am so grateful to be out there standing up for babies lives. When people come and talk to me it is very comforting to know that what is being done is making an impact.