27,000 Signatures #Stand4life in #ABQ

By C.J. Williams, Social Media Coordinator Survivors


The petition drive to place the Fetal Pain Abortion Ban on the Albuquerque, New Mexico October ballot, preceding Survivors 9 day public awareness project, has just wrapped up.  In less than 20 days, Project Defending Life collected 27,000 signatures – not only above and beyond the 15,000 required to get it on the ballot, but over the 25,000  mark they needed to get an unedited, set-in-stone version of that ordinance defined by them.

Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life, speaking to press following the final count of signatures

Tara Shaver of Project Defending Life, speaking to press following the final count of signatures

This ordinance will hit the October ballot – and it will hit the city exactly as strong as Project Defending Life has made it, no exceptions – a ban on the primeval practice and big-time business of Albuquerque’s Southwestern Women’s Clinic: abortions at 20 weeks up to birth.

In Texas, a similar ban was just signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry.  It passed by the amazing witness and loud presence and support of pro-life young people, who came from as far as both coasts to speak out on behalf of the preborn and their mothers, and lobby the legislature for justice.  Within weeks, Planned Parenthood shut down 3 clinics, and an abortionist who only recently vowed – speculum in hand waved wildly at a pro-abortion rally – that he would never stop performing abortions, has out right quit.

This Texas law might only ban abortions past 20 weeks, but its passage has convinced abortion providers to put themselves out of business!

The campaign in New Mexico aims to inundate Albuquerque, and the state, with two questions:  Do You Know?  Do You Care?

If 27,000 signatures are any indication, the answer is clear: yes.

But it’s our job to #stand4life, as witnesses and door wardens to this extraordinary landslide for life.  It’s our job to keep those questions in the public mind – and keep the grisly and honest picture of what abortion is just as visible.

Yes, people care – when they know.

Project  Defending Life canvassed Albuquerque with the text of this Abortion Ban ordinance. Innumerable churches ran signature drives, and kept up awareness.

We need that awareness to spread, outside the churches, into the streets, up to the doors of the clinics that kill, the hotels (link to Inhuman vid) that partner with the abortionists, the neighborhoods that do not know their state and city is the late-term abortion capital of the U.S.

We need to take the momentum of 27,000 signatures and make 100,000’s who know, who care, and who will be at the ballot box in October, unable to forget that they know what abortion does to women and children; and that they care.