Meet Curtis Boyd: Survivor Undercover (1)

by Ashley Baldwin, Communications Coordinator

Undercover.  That was me in 2010.  Undercover at an abortion clinic.  I was on the  Campus Outreach Team, and with my team member, Hannah,  we waltzed into Albuquerque, New Mexico's late-term abortion clinic owned by Curtis Boyd.

Hannah posed as a confused 13 year old girl needing an abortion.  The intensity of the persuasion used by Boyd’s staff shocked us right off the bat. Hannah was "persuaded" into an abortion quickly, skillfully, and with no offer of other options.

The “counselor” wasted no time, and smoothly dismissed every worry that a young girl might face, justifying Hannah’s desire for the abortion.  At one point during the “counseling” session, Christianity was brought up as a concern. “Dr. Boyd is a Christian," the counsellor said, "Don't worry. He knows.  We have priests who come in each week who would love to meet with you and bless your decision.  Does that sound like something that interests you?”  

We were left stunned as she  left the room to grab a brochure from the" Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice".  This was the first time we had been exposed to deception of this level in the abortion business:  twisting scripture to ease the conscience of a young woman choosing murder for her child.

Abortionist, Curtis Boyd. "I know I'm killing."

Abortionist, Curtis Boyd. "I know I'm killing."

Good versus evil.  

This is why the Survivors are heading to Albuquerque.  This battle is between good and evil.  In order to fight, you must first understand the battle.  We know that our God is a God of forgiveness and healing, but He is also a righteous God.  A God who has given us clear instructions to not kill (Exodus 20:13), and the reminders that children are a heritage from Him (Psalm 127:3-5), that we are created in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13), and that as His children He wants us to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death (Proverbs 24:11).

The Survivors, Operation Rescue, Live Action, Students for Life of America, Created Equal and many others are going to New Mexico on August 2nd.  You do not want to miss this opportunity to end the late-term killing of these babies!

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