The Time Has Come: Activists #Stand4life!

 Staff Writer

If you haven't made a travel plan to Albuquerque, New Mexico, DO IT NOW! You do not want to miss this chance to be apart of history. 

We have gathered the toughest, most experienced team of abortion-exposing, clinic-closing leaders our nation has ever seen.  Together, this broad-based coalition of pro-life groups is going to sound an urgent alarm in Albuquerque!

The Survivors, Operation Rescue, Live Action, Created Equal, Students for Life of America and numerous other national pro-life organizations are answering the call to action and are heading to Albuquerque this week. 

We will be joining forces with Project Defending Life in Albuquerque and exposing the injustice of late-term abortions. Every day we will infiltrate the city of Albuquerque -- neighborhoods, colleges and streets with activism. We are calling on the media, Christian and secular, to expose this evil.  We are calling nightly town meetings to sound the alarm to reveal the awful truth about what is happening in Albuquerque.


This is a call to action: Do You Care?

Below is how you can join us:

ProLife Training Weekend

August 2nd-4th 

Three days of pro-life training and eye-opening information in preparation for the days of sounding the alarm and exposing the murderous business going on in Albuquerque.  

Do You Know, Do You Care? Public Awareness Campaign

August 5th-10th 

Join us on the airwaves, post on Facebook, Twitter and blogs as we expose all that is happening in Albuquerque!

Town Hall Meetings

August 5th-10th, 7:00 p.m.

We will literally call on every citizen of Albuquerque to hear what is happening and to rise up and end the murderous practices financed by their tax dollars.