"It's Time To Free the Children!" -- Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance would ban abortions past 20 weeks within the municipal boundaries the city of Albuquerque.

by C.J. Williams, Social Media Coordinator

Albuequere, NM -- "I have small kids; I know some of you have grandkids.  Ever have your 7 year old stub her toe and scream bloody murder in pain?  Well a seven month old baby in the womb can't be heard – but he or she can feel it as keenly as that 7 year old.”

Survivors had a last minute chance to speak at the August 5, 2013 ABQ City Council Meeting. This city is on the cusp of making history:  In October, they may be the first to put a city level ban on the grotesque and prehistorically inhumane late-term abortion procedure with the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions from 20 weeks on within the city.

Len, a father of 11, and a fervent defender of mothers and babies, joined us in the meeting – and made sure he got on the docket to speak.

While Brianna, and Kristina, our Outreach Director, along with Project Defending Life’s Bud and Tara Shaver waited their turn, Len looked each city council member in the eye and verbally put the image of 7 year old and 7 month old in the womb on the table.

Picture it.  Albuquerque, do you know, do you care?  America, picture it.

What’s the difference?

“They’re both babies,” a little girl remarked to us earlier this year, “One is just littler.”

That’s the truth.

They’re both babies.  They’re both children.  They’re both human.

And while we have medical evidence that at 18-20 weeks a child feels excruciating pain, we also know that at a mere 8 weeks children respond to touch.  They feel.

Is this groundbreaking, revolutionary information?

No.  In fact, it’s obvious.

“In 1865, we freed the slaves,” Len went on, “In 1945, we freed the Jews.  In 2013, it's time to free children.”

This is our rallying cry in ABQ.  It is time to free the children!  And not just the children – but the mothers butchered, traumatized, and deceived as Curtis Boyd, Shelly Sella, and Susan Robinson, rip their children to pieces.

Brianna spoke next – a confident young woman, a Survivor of the legal procedure that has killed 1/3 of her generation.  “Adopt this ordinance, Albuquerque.  It not only protects children; it protects women from a very dangerous procedure.  Fourteen women have gone to the E.R. in recent years from Southwestern Women's Options . . . Please protect women and children in Albuquerque."

Is protecting women and children from death and pain extravagant?

Or more relevantly, is demanding our medical community deal health, not death,  bizarre? Hardly.

What is groundbreaking in this Culture of Death is that 3 vanloads of youth on summer vacation have come to demand the obvious, the necessary, the just – that we protect and value human life; that we acknowledge the facts of science and human development; that we hold murderers accountable, and demand our healthcare professionals promote health, not death.

But slavery lasted until we ended it with a war – as well as the truth.  The Holocaust lasted until we ended it with war, and we exposed the Death camps.  Abortion has lasted . . . until now:  Now we expose abortion; now we call it what it is; now we protect the victims, our mothers, our sisters, our brothers, our siblings, our nation.

“Adopt this ordinance, Albuquerque. It not only protects children; it protects women—” and our nation!  Survivors asks Albuquerque:  Adopt this ordinance, and lead the country back to justice for the most vulnerable!