Survivors Cause Stir at UCLA: Update

By C.J. Williams, Social Media Director  


The recent stir at UCLA, featured in the Daily Bruin, exposed the subtle abortion agenda found on campuses across the nation. Or not so subtle. 

Survivors Camp veterans, Bella and Angelica Ayala, 18, both freshman this year at UCLA, found out about the mandatory sexual harassment segment of their freshman orientation ahead of time -- and requested they be excused for a portion that specifically and graphically taught so-called "safe-sex techniques", including birth-control promotion, condoms, and the assumption that casual sex outside of a committed relationship could ever be respectful, or safe.

Both Catholic, the girls believe sex belongs in marriage -- a mind-blowing principle, apparently, to the open-minded academia. 

The administration's response has continued to be confusing to both public, and the Ayala twins. Bella, who read and put in earbuds during the offensive section of the presentation, is being asked to "make-up" the missed material. Angelica directly asked to be excused, and left the room, and at this point has not been told to re-take it.

“I wish the school would be more forthright about what sections of the presentation were mandatory and which were not,” Bella Ayala said. “Students should have more of an opportunity to express concern or decline to attend that section of the presentation.”

The girls also distributed abstinence literature, as an alternative approach to respect, being safe, and staying out of situations risky for sexual assault. But the literature was confiscated, even though they made sure to give to their fellow students at a free period. 

When a counselor found the girls presenting a different perspective and handing out literature, she snapped,  "This is not the message we want to communicate."

At this time, however, neither girl has been punished;  their academic records are not being put on hold.

The Ayalas, however, have highlighted the depths to which an abortion-minded agenda has infiltrated our campuses, and targeted our youth. The only pay-out for teaching casual sex, birth-control, and sex techniques in freshman orientations is not  safety from sexual harassment, or self-respect -- it is the creation of a clientele for abortion clinics, kids who think they can have sex without consequences, sex without babies, sex without commitment. The only solution for a pregnancy in that mindset is abortion .

With Survivors training, the Ayalas have introduced a second option to their peers: self-respect and self-control.  Not only that, they made news, and so reached an even broader audience.

If UCLA is truly open to education, it will allow the Ayalas -- and the rest of its students -- to seriously explore both approaches -- and then with understanding, choose the one that really respects them as people, and protects them. 


You can find the original press release of the debacle at LifeNews here 

To support Bella and Angelica, who have contacted Life Legal Defense and Survivors for legal counsel in case they need to take more action, consider sending a small donation and an encouraging note, mentioning their situation!