Pro-Aborts: Can't Decide How to Sell Back Alley Abortion

By C.J. Williams, Social Media Director 

You may have read Ashley's recent piece (Back Alley Abortions: Exactly What We Still Have in Main Street Store Fronts) on the myth of so-called back alley abortions.  With all the shouting and signage dedicated to coat-hangers pro-aborts throw at us, you'd think it was -- what? -- a holocaust  or something.

Or at least, factual. 

The truth is, your friendly neighbourhood abortion clinic is as dangerous to women -- and just as dangerous to their innocent preborn children -- because a back alley abortion before Roe v. Wade was and is abortion.  Most of the time performed by a medical professional.  Usually in a medical facility.

Which is more than can be said for California, whose legal surgical abortions can and will now be performed by non-medical professionals in clinics without state regulations. Safer?  Hey, but it's LEGAL. 

But back to the point, check out Jezebel's recent feature on an anonymous woman who -- at least by nonsense standards seen through the abortion distortion -- is a saint in the making because she sells smuggled abortion drugs and abortion methods to "desperate" women, who just can't get that "safe" legal abortion from a killer like Curtis Boyd, or his New Mexico associate, Shelly Sella (whose safeness rating ought to have taken a few dives after her procedures sent women with ruptured wombs to the ER). 

No more shilly-shallying. Abortion is not any more about women's health now, "legally", than it was then -- illegally. It's just as dangerous. 

Jezebel, feminazi-esque, celebrates risking women's lives in the cause of sacrificing their children. I don't need to describe the insanity. It speaks for itself.