From the Trenches: P.P. Gets Billions to Lie to My Peers; I Go Out to Tell the Truth For Free!


by Emily Labarthe, Campus Outreach Team


When our Outreach Team visited Orange Coast College this week, a man approached me very upset.  He was post-abortive and told me not to tell others what to do.  I then let him know that we were just there to inform and educate so that way people can choose on their own. (Who really chooses abortion when they see it? I don’t think anyone.)

By the end of the conversation he was a little more open to what I had to say and was more willing to listen and even read the information I had offered him earlier.  Once someone is more willing to hear what I have to say, they ask me questions and I happily answer.  

Many students don’t know enough about the topic to talk about it so we are there to help others be more aware of what it really is.  We draw attention because we show pictures of abortion victims and sometimes, for those who have a personal story related to what we are doing, it can be hard to think about or even admit that babies do die from abortion.  Abortion kills a baby and hurts the heart of a mother and father because they know they are parents of a dead child but are still parents nonetheless.  

Some questions I get are about the images:  is it really an aborted baby or a miscarriage?  When I say it is a real aborted baby: it looks so awful because abortions are done by ripping the baby limb from limb and pulling it out piece by piece, it really impacts them because that is beyond belief.  But it is what happens.

Often I will get a question such as, how many die a day? It is 3,500 a day.  Another is, “What about rape?” My reply -- Rape: We shouldn’t punish the baby for the father’s crime.  Also, “How long has abortion been legal?” Abortion has been legal since January 22, 1973.

“So how many have died since then?”  The answer is 56 million dead.

Another is “How much are you getting paid?” I’m paid nothing at all because -- it’s all missionary work!

“Where do you get the pictures?” is another question.  There was an abortionist that got paid to take and give pictures of abortion victims; there were also some pro-lifers who went undercover.   

Then, a big one!  “Why are you at our school?”  Planned Parenthood targets people your age.  

People also wonder if we are a school group and what club we are from but we are just a non-profit organization.  Sometimes that leads into wondering what religious group we are part of but we have no religious affiliation.

Every day we get these kinds of questions and more at both the college campuses and high schools.  For a high school or college-age teenager or adult, it is important to be openminded and willing to hear people out and learn new things -- even if we don’t want to. If we don’t, we can’t be informed, we can’t be educated, we can't actually know or understand the truth.  And the truth is: abortion kills. 1/3 of my peers are a witness to this.

It’s really important that there is someone to answer these questions for people my age, and discuss them, and expose the truth. That's why I'm out there, every day.


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