Outreach: They Have Me Shaking in My Boots

by Kristina Garza, Campus Outreach Director


As an activist and a leader, it is usually not a good thing to admit this, but here it is: I’m scared.  I am the kind of scared that leaves me ready to run... not knowing what to do with myself... feeling as small as an ant... and shaking... in... my... boots.

They have me overwhelmed and not knowing what to do with myself.  I feel like they are going to take everything I have, all of my energy, attention, time, even my emotions, and possibly some of my money.

This is good.  Scary, but good.

I will tell you a secret.  Do you know who I’m scared of?  It’s not Planned Parenthood.  It’s not the abortion industry.  

It’s the Fall 2013 Campus Outreach Team.

This semester’s team is really excited to be here.  They are ready to hit the pavement.  In the interim between getting back from Albuquerque and the start of the college semester, the interns that were here couldn’t wait to begin training.  They were excited to just get to campuses.  Even the loads of office work I gave them to get us ready for the semester wasn’t enough to satisfy them.  School hadn’t even started yet, but they wanted to be in front of the abortion mills, talking to people, and tabling at local events, finding students wherever they could.  

On our first day of activism, which was our second day of official training, we handed out almost 500 pieces of pro-life literature in ONE HOUR.  When Mary Rose told me that she was going to have to run back to the van to grab more literature, I must have let my incredulity show on my face.  I thought we would have only needed half as much literature as usual for our first day.  Emily shook her head at me and asked sweetly, “Kristina, you doubted me?”

This semester’s team is a team of activists.  They all have experience.  They are energetic and savvy, and I am already working over-time to keep up with them.

However, no matter how tired I may be, I am REALLY excited.  I cannot WAIT to unleash our team on the culture of death.  I am grateful to be in the humble position of teaching, guiding, and aiding them to become successful activists.  

This semester, we will be doing outreach at dozens of college and high school campuses, talking to thousands of students, tabling at pro-life events, giving presentations, and taking advantage of other activism opportunities along the way.  Please pray for us all:

Mary Rose -

Mary Rose is on staff as the Assistant to the Director of Campus Outreach and right-hand woman.  I could not accomplish half of what I do without her.  She is a force to be reckoned with, and loves giving the abortion cartel a hard time.

Emily -

I’ve been able to watch Emily mature and prepare to join the team since I met her at my first Survivors ProLife Training Camp 3 years ago.  The team joined her in front of her own high school last year, where she was pulled into the principal's office and reprimanded for handing out pro-life literature on the public sidewalk with us before class started.  She was not phased, and only firmed her resolve to join Campus Outreach upon graduation from high school.

Lauren -

Lauren was referred to Survivors by her mentor, an old friend and Campus Outreach veteran, Sarah Maher.  Since I met her during her application process this Spring, Lauren has been a whirlwind of enthusiasm.  She takes on any challenge that we throw at her.  She is also an artist and has been especially helpful as an intern designing graphics for our blog.

Will -

Will has helped Survivors staff at multiple activism events throughout the last two years.  He is finally taking the plunge to join Campus Outreach full-time.  He brings with him experience leading, organizing, and serving with youth groups and young adults.  He also studied at Le Cordon Bleu, so we are very much looking forward to his nights for dinner.

Bobby -

Bobby has volunteered with Survivors at the March for Life for the last two years, and has been a team leader at multiple Survivors ProLife Training Camps.  He is a seasoned activist, and has already represented the Campus Outreach Team this semester at “A Cry For Dignity [https://www.facebook.com/events/524379590949923/],” where he and his brother, Ricky, prayed for a proper funeral for Gosnell’s victims in Philadelphia.

Ricky -

Ricky has participated in two Survivors ProLife Training Camps, and will be joining Campus Outreach for 3 weeks before his school work begins.  You know you have an activist on your hands when a high school student decides to spend the last of his summer vacation to travel across the country to join the hectic schedule of full-time campus outreach.


Fiat Vita,



If you are thinking about joining Campus Outreach, waste no more time and apply here: http://www.survivors.la/campus-outreach.  

If you would like to invite the Campus Outreach team to give a presentation to your club, class, or youth group, invite us here: http://www.survivors.la/contact-us-about-prolife-presentations.

If you would like to host a fundraising event to send and keep these activists on the road, email me here: http://www.survivors.la/contact-kristina-garza.