Message From Our Founder: It has been 41 years since the infamous Roe vs. Wade

From our founder, Jeff White:

Dear Friend, 

There are nine days that the Survivors need to be all across the United States and I need your help to get the entire team, myself included, from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again!

These nine days focus on the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision.  It has been 41 years since the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision unleashed abortion on demand in America.

And every year hundreds of thousands of the pro-life faithful go to the streets to walk and march for life all around the country.  It is a powerful turnout of people demonstrating their love for life and the preborn.

But the Survivors don’t go to walk or march, they go for one reason and one reason only . . .

            . . . to pursue the next generation of pro-life leaders and activists!

Yes, the Survivors know there is no better time to recruit young people than at the myriad of walks and marches all across the country.

Do you know what the number two sentiment expressed by young people after the initial  “Wow! This is cool, so many people coming out for life!”?

The next sentiment expressed is:  “Now what?!!!”

Yes, they are young, idealistic, energetic, full of faith in God and they see the injustice of abortion and the hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers on the street and they can’t help but believe we can end the evil of abortion, so they ask themselves: Now what?

And this is where the Survivors go into full pursuit mode.  We want to harness that zeal and faith and give it a way to blossom into lifesaving action!

This means nine full days intense work.  Grabbing young people in their moment of faithful belief that abortion can come to an end in America and say:  We also believe!!!

It is critical that the Survivors are there to channel the excitement and camaraderie of the crowds because if we are not there, something sinister can set in, something that cripples the pro-life movement year after year.

Young people believe and that is the problem.

They believe in life and God and want to see good triumph over evil.  Then they see the crowds, hundreds of thousands of people marching for life and they are flush with expectation. 

We can win!

Then they leave the march and suddenly everything returns to “normal” and this is when it happens.  Disillusion sets in.  They are eager to do something, anything but their attempts to find a place to be active find nothing but inaction.

Even many of their friends they marched with will say, “We did our pro-life thing for the year and we will go again next year but let’s not get fanatical.”

And many young people will be overcome with a sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and a sense that they are alone in their hope for an end to abortion.

            But they are not alone!

The Survivors believe!  The Survivors want to confront the evil of their day! 

The Survivors want to make history and drive the evil of abortion back to hell where it came from!

And the Survivors want these young people to know they are invited to join us in this wonderful fight for life!  They want them to know that we are the abortion abolitionists!

            This is why the Survivors are in full pursuit! 

We want these young people to get involved and the Survivors will be at the walks and marches and dinners and seminars and conferences taking place all across the country.

I tell you the Survivors will not rest for those nine days in January.

Just look at this preliminary schedule!

For our main Survivors team in Southern California it begins with the Walk for Life in San Diego.  We will walk and we will talk and we will encourage and we will recruit.

We will pursue the young people!

That same day Kristina will take a portion of the team and head to “The Defenders” Rally and Requiem Mass, hosted by Right to Life League of Southern California. 

Kristina will be the speaker at this event.  She has become a powerful and convincing speaker, challenging young people to stand against the evil of their day!

They next day Cheryl, Kristina, Mary Rose, Jayne, Andy and I will fly to Washington DC for a week of pro-life activism and pursuit of young people.  We will be joined by some team members like Lauren and Bobby even though the Survivors Campus Outreach Team will be on break. 

There will be many former Survivors’ camp graduates who will be joining us – some are leaders of their own groups now – a testimony to the effectiveness of our training and the worthiness of our pursuit!

On the 20th we will be meeting with other youth leaders and strategizing for the coming year.  Then the work begins in earnest!

On the 21st part of our team will go to the Students for Life conference to pursue the hundreds of college age participants and to share the vision of Survivors.

But before that starts the Survivors will be at Planned Parenthood for an early morning prayer vigil because we know this is fertile ground for recruitment.

Any young person getting up that early in the freezing cold to witness and pray in front of an abortion clinic is our kind of young person!

At noon the Survivors are joining the international leader of the Charismatic Episcopal Church for Life and young people from around the country.  We will be co-sponsoring the Million to One Memorial Die-In at the steps of the Supreme Court!

Then I will be speaking at the March for Life youth rally while the Survivors reach out to young people and equip them with “Survivor rounds” for the next day’s march.

That evening will end at the Life Youth Reception with a talk by Starr Parker.

Next, on January 22, we will canvass hundreds of thousands at The March For Life DC with postcards, stickers and flyer to pursue the thousands young people who will only be out that one day.

This is an all day, all hands on deck pursuit!  The work will continue well into the evening until the team crashes on their beds exhausted but satisfied in a job well done!

Then it is up again in the morning to fly to San Francisco!

That Friday we will be at the Life Legal Defense Foundation – Law of Life Summit West Coast.  Life Legal is a faithful friend to Survivors and is always there when our team is illegally arrested and our First Amendment rights trampled.

Later that day we will join Walter Hoye in Oakland, California for his Stand Up For Life March!

That evening I will be speaking and sharing on a panel at the Fundraising dinner for Conversations4Life.  I will be joined by Fr. Pavone, Abby Johnson, Star Parker, Janet Morana, Cecelia Chavez and Rev Childress.

            I am honored to sharing the podium with this fine array of national leaders. 

The next morning we will be back on the streets of San Francisco for the ever growing West Coast Walk For Life.  This event has grown to tens of thousands and is field of young people ripe for the harvest!

            Our nine day pursuit of young people will end on January 26th at the Students For Life West Coast Conference.  We enjoy a great relationship with students for life and we expect this first ever conference to be a huge success.

            That is nine days of pursuit we anticipate with great expectation!

But we have a lot of work to do before then and thousands of pieces of literature to print and tickets to buy and hotel arrangements to make.

            I need your help!

Pursuit of young people does not come easily nor cheaply.  I need your support and financial help to make these nine days as fruitful as possible.  We, the Survivors team, will pursue with all our might the young people we encounter.

But we are going to need some tools to get the job done.  Besides the usual expenses we need to print thousands of Survivor rounds.  These round placards with our iconic fetal skeleton on a black background are recognized across the country.

We hand out thousands of these placards and they can be clearly seen in pictures of marches and walks and almost any activist event.  It is critical we print these placards and get them distributed.

The young people take them home, hang them on their walls and often go to the website printed on each Survivor round. 

            This is a pursuit product! 

We will be the first group they think of and when they go to our site they will not be disillusioned.  The Survivors are active long after the marches and walks are over.

We need stickers and t-shirts and literature – all to pursue these young people and get them involved and turn them into leaders.

Will you please make a special gift today so we can pursue these young people?

Without you there is no Survivors.  With you and your generous support we can pursue and rally the young generation!  Together we will see the abolition of abortion in America!

Thank you!  I hope to see you at one of the marches or walks.

In pursuit,

Jeff White

Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust


P.S.  Walks are great and marches are inspiring but it takes more to activate the youth.  We must pursue them and let them know that we believe abortion can come to an end in America.  We need to invite them to join us as we rise to confront this evil.  Please make this pursuit possible with the best gift you can today, for God, the babies and our young people.


Yes Jeff!  Head out in full pursuit of our young people. I believe we can end abortion in America too. I have enclosed a special gift to make your pursuit possible. Go with God and my gift of [ click to specify amount and make a tax-deductible, secure donation! ]