The Lion and The Wolf

The Lion and The Wolf to speak together at the International Prolife Youth Conference!

Joe Scheidler, like a lion, roared into the fight against abortion when Roe v. Wade made abortion the law of the land in 1973.

Joe crashed through the jungle of lies and deceit where the pro-abortion forces hid beneath a canopy of euphemisms and their status as doctors. He tore into them with razor sharp insights, wit, and the truth. 

The pro-baby-killing industry is terrified by him as they should be. Joe was sued as a racketeer, a title he took with glee: Racketeer for Life! He was not intimidated by very real threats of his home being taken – on the contrary he grew bolder. The abortion industry cowered even more as Joe roared up to the Supreme court over 9 times fighting not just for himself, but for the babies, and for you and I.

Joe has done too much to even try to share the larger-than-life actions of this pro-life lion. Suffice it to say that the author of Closed! 99 Ways to End Abortion only put down 99 ways because it would have cost too much to print a million ways!

Joe Scheidler tour.jpg

Joe is a man every young person would do well to emulate. I’ve tried, it is a tall order.

Joe Scheidler is the Father of the Pro-life Movement, The Lion King – whose very name sends tremors through the abortion industry. 

Hmmm . . . maybe I will start calling him “Mufassa.”

Eric Scheidler – like father, like son? Close! If Joe is the Lion, then Eric is the Wolf.

Where Joe would crash through the jungle, Eric would hunt down his prey in a pack. A natural leader, Eric knows there is power in numbers and organized community speaking out against the evil of abortion.

The howl of the Wolf was heard across his local city when he called together a pack of pro-life activists to oppose a huge Planned Parenthood abortion facility trying to open beneath the cover of deception. But the Wolf hunted down the truth and encircled Planned Parenthood once again. The abortion industry cried out as a Scheidler ripped them to pieces with a whole pack of concerned neighbors, politicians, and families!

Soon, as Eric became the new Director of Pro-Life Action League, he climbed to the peak of the national scene and howled to call to action leaders, politicians and good citizens to stand against Obamacare with Rallies all across the nation.

A believer in the pack mentality, Eric was never the lone wolf. He leads intelligent and insightful events across the county. He is also one who can bring unity with his calm demeanor and generous spirit. But don’t let the kind eyes of his mother and his gentleness fool you – He is El Lobo!

Don’t miss this historic opportunity to meet, and hear from Mufassa and El Lobo! Join them at the International Pro-life Youth Conference

It’s a jungle out here. Don’t miss it.

The White Rhino.