"The evidence is in!" Eoghan said


By Sarah Howell

Eoghan de Faoite is not your typical doctor. While at work he dons a white coat and treats patients, afterwards he ditches the white coat for a “Choose Life” t­shirt and brings the pro-­life message to the streets of Ireland. Or he might ditch it for a snazzy suit and tie to sit on an international panel of pro-­life physicians. Eoghan de Faoite is not just a medical physician; he’s an Irish pro-­life activist – and a very committed one.

In fact, Eoghan’s main organization, Youth Defence (YD), is known throughout Ireland as not only one of the longest­ standing pro-­life organizations in the country, but also as the most successful and effective group of young pro-­life warriors in the world. You have not lived until you’ve attended YD’s annual All­ Ireland Rally for Life. Events like this draw in thousands of Irish pro-lifers, all crowding the streets with colorful banners and tons of balloons. All shouting out pro-­life cheers and chants to one another, with children on their shoulders and smiles on every face you see. Youth Defence knows how to celebrate LIFE.

But they don’t stop at celebrating. Each year, Youth Defence also goes on a national Road Show to educate the people of Ireland. The team hits 2 towns a day for 10 straight days with street sessions, petition signings, and all possible forms of pro-­life outreach and education.

On any given day of that Road Show, despite his intense schedule, you will still find Dr. Eoghan de Faoite handing out leaflets in the middle of some town center, and reminding the people of his nation that they must fight for the preborn.

Recently, Ireland’s government used unprecedented force to legalize abortion through deceptive legislation. This was a hard blow to the pro­-life movement, but not nearly the blow Ireland’s abortion ­minded officials were hoping to accomplish. Instead of discouraging the pro­life movement of Ireland, thousands upon thousands of Irish citizens rallied against the decision, and have continued to rally, with more energy and enthusiasm than ever before. And, as always, Eoghan and the cutting­ edge team at Youth Defence can be found leading the charge.

“The evidence is in!” Eoghan said at a recent rally in Dungarvan. “And the evidence, thank God, is pro-­life. We do not want, nor do we need, abortion in this country. And we will not stop campaigning until every unborn child, and every mother, is protected in the law of this land, and cherished in the law of life in this country.”

Definitely not your typical doctor, but 100% your typical pro-­life warrior – informed, dedicated, and passionately running towards the cries of injustice, both in Ireland and many, many other countries throughout the world. Register now to meet Eoghan at the International Prolife Youth Conference this November 7-9th!