Who doesn’t love the choo-choo train driver?

Well to name just a few:  School administrators, some rogue police officers, pro-abort professors, abortion clinic death-escorts, and pro-abortion activist students!

Shortly after graduating from the University of California Riverside, our very own Kristina Garza took a part-time job driving the choo-choo train at the local mall.

But God had a different track for Kristina.

As fun as it was driving the beautiful black choo-choo train full of children, God had something much bigger for her to drive – the big black Survivors’ Sprinter activist van.  And instead of driving children around in circles, she would be very intentionally driving her team to rescue preborn babies at high schools and colleges all across the country.

Kristina had been just a “normal” student, focused on completing her studies at UCR, when one day Survivors’ Campus Outreach Team visited her university and rocked her world.  The pro-life literature a Survivor handed her that day was a spark that set her heart on fire for life.  Soon after, she began sidewalk counseling and coordinating events for her local 40 Days for Life campaign.  Kristina knows Survivors’ outreaches work -- because they worked on her!

I’ve more to tell you about Kristina, but first let me give you the heads up that Kristina will be speaking at this year’s International ProLife Youth Conference.  The conference is just a few weeks away so I hope you will register today and come to the conference to hear Kristina join a fantastic line-up of speakers from around the world.

When you look at our Campus Outreach Director you would never guess she would be such a powerful voice for the preborn and such an aggravation to the enemies of life.  Pretty and pious, many mistake her for a push over, but boy are they mistaken.

Articulate and smart, Kristina hates injustice and has a deep disdain for school administrators who try to threaten her Campus Outreach Team with arrests.  And those threats happen almost daily for her team.  For you see, the Campus Outreach Team goes to college and high school campuses all across the country to display the victims of abortion and to decry the ultimate violation of their civil rights.

Kristina is a woman of God who can apply the harsh reality of abortion while loving the person who minutes earlier was screaming at her.

Kristina is one of the finest activists and activist leaders in our nation.  She is a powerful and much sought after speaker for life and liberty.  If you want to see Kristina in action click the link below – AFTER you have registered for the conference so you don’t miss this opportunity to hear Kristina and our International cast of guest speakers.  Register Here!

Then watch this video. Watch how this college dean threatens and belittles Kristina and how slowly but surely she dismantles him until he is begging her – even saying “Please” – maybe that was where he should have started because once he got on the wrong track with Kristina, our former choo-choo train driver took him for a ride!

The International ProLife Youth Conference is approaching as fast as a bullet train, don’t miss it!  If you listen closely, I think you can hear Kristina call:  All Aboard!