“I didn’t care until I saw that picture.”

The Campus Outreach Team is changing the culture one conversation at a time. Here are a few more conversations that team members had with students this semester:

Mary Rose

A student hurrying to class froze when he saw the image of the child aborted at nine weeks.

“What do you think about abortion?” I asked.

He turned slowly, almost in a daze. “I’m against it, after seeing that picture.”

“That’s why we have the pictures - people don’t care until they see the victims of an injustice.”

He turned back to the sign. “I didn’t care until I saw that picture.”


I approached a young man who was staring at the picture of a fifteen-week-old aborted baby. I asked him what he thought about it, to which he replied "My ex-girlfriend got an abortion right after we broke up. When she told me, it felt like the wind was knocked out of me and my heart felt like it stopped."

A bit taken aback by how open he seemed to be about it, I asked him how he felt about the picture. He replied, "It's like my heart stopped again. My girlfriend was three months along. That's what my baby looked like."

Our conversation continued, although he never took his eye off the picture. I asked him if he thought we should stop abortion, to which he replied, "Yes, and you know what? I was thinking for a while that if you just practice safe sex then it's not a problem and that you won't need to get an abortion. But now, I realize I need to not have sex until I'm married."

We continued to talk for a bit about birth control. We agreed that, in reality, there’s no such thing as “safe sex” outside of marriage, because there’s always a chance of becoming pregnant or contracting an STD and because nothing can protect your heart from the pain of breaking up with a partner after having sex with them outside of marriage.


He had a rough life. A drug addicted mother, an absent father, and jail time for killing someone when he was a juvenile.

"If there is a God, why did he do this to me? What just God would allow this to happen? Abortion solves the problem. It saves kids from the life that I had."               

I asked him, "You talk about justice - if there is wrong and right, where did it come from? Doesn't this show that there was a law-maker? A Creator who shows us wrong and right?"

"Hmm, I never thought about it that way. Still, even if there is a God, why didn't He give me anyone who loves me or cares about me?"

"Sure there are people who care about you."

"Naw man, no one cares about me."

"Well, I care about you."

Instantly, his demeanor changed and a smile spread across his face, "You care about me?

"Of course I do, otherwise I wouldn't have even talked to you in the first place!"

All this student had seen was darkness -- a bleak, cold world that never showed him any love. Of course he was fine with abortion. All life had ever been to him was pain. After our conversation, he agreed that abortion was wrong. Sometimes people just need someone to care about them in order for them to care about others.

From rejecting abortion completely, to becoming a voice for the unborn on their campus, to embracing chastity, Survivors Campus Outreach team members are causing students to radically change their lives. To learn more about Survivors Campus Outreach or support our work, email info@survivors.la.