Our Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is nearly here! Would you please consider including the Survivors team on your gift list? Last year we received very thoughtful gifts, which we have been using all year. This year, we need a few items to help us share the pro-life message on campuses, and a few things to help bless the team in between outreaches and activism events.  All donations are tax deductible!

1.) Fetal models - The most popular thing on our table at every campus!

     We could use two of the smaller models and one of the larger sets

2.) Small voice amplifier- We would use this when we're sidewalk counseling at abortion mills where we don't have the opportunity to speak with mothers up close

3.)  In-N-Out Gift Cards- We try not to eat fast food if we can help it, but if we 
 need a quick dinner, In-N-Out is at the top of our list! Not only are they a Christian company, they are a California staple!
4.) Coffee gift cards- Early mornings, rainy days, and especially the MARCH FOR LIFE are much nicer when we have hot coffee to keep us going! 
*Please, no Starbucks gift cards

5. Grocery gift cards - Help us feed the team! We need to stock up on staples like meat, eggs, bread, and fruit every week... and it adds up! Even 1 gift card for groceries helps a lot! 

6.) Insulated coffee mugs - The team drinks a lot of coffee! Help us reduce our cost on paper cups!
7.) GoPro Camera- To better capture conversations on college campuses

8.) Apple MacBook Air- Our missionary laptop is on it's last leg, and the
team desperately needs a reliable laptop that will handle all of our creative needs.

9.) Frequent Flier miles- We travel a lot throughout the year, so any help to reduce flight costs is a huge blessing! 

We welcome all donations, whether you make a one time cash gift, set up a monthly donation, or purchase the items listed above. Any questions, please contact info@survivors.la.

THANK YOU for your generosity. We pray that you have a blessed Christmas season!

Merry Christmas,

The Survivors Campus Outreach Team