To the Point of Extinction

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This month, as we remember the black heroes of our country’s history who stood for the equality of the human race, let us not forget that today’s African Americans are targeted unequally for abortion - to the point of extinction.

Nowhere is racial inequality seen more profoundly than in the abortion industry. More black babies are aborted every day in the United States than babies of any other race.  That is not equality -- it is genocide.   Campus after campus, the Survivors team and I encounter shock and disgust when we explain the eugenicist origins of the abortion industry.  

Even more sadly, though, we see the devastation that abortion has caused in the lives of African American women and men. Students have bought the lies that they need abortion, that abortion empowers them to pursue college degrees, and that babies are burdens.

Here is one account from Lauren:

“I’m a woman of color so I need abortion!” declared one woman from a local prestigious liberal arts college.  I stared in shock as the girl threw our handout on the ground and stomped away.  I couldn’t call out to her because I was also immersed in a conversation with two other people, but it made me pause...

This encounter puzzled Lauren and the rest of the team.  Why would anyone’s skin color or race make them “need” abortion more than anyone else?  How tragic that this young woman bought that lie.  A woman may need help or resources, but she will never “need” abortion.

Here is another encounter that Emily recently had:

The student was slumped over, looking at the ground, having a hard time making eye contact with me.  He had just told me that he had forced his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion, and that she hates him for it.

We were standing just inches away from an image of a 10-week abortion victim, the same stage of development as the baby he had forced his ex-girlfriend to abort.  I listened as he told me how much he regrets that, and how she regrets allowing him to force her to abort her baby.  It had happened just about one year before.  He finally took my packet of information because I showed him the post-abortive help and told him about Rachel’s Vineyard.  It is unfortunate that Planned Parenthood targets the African American community and other minorities.

Day after day, we meet young black men who participated in killing their own children because they were told that it would be a “quick fix.” We know that they were specifically targeted because of their race.  Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King and National Spokeswoman for Silent No More Awareness Campaign, describes it this way: “When we said we would no longer sit on the back of the bus, a place was being reserved for us down at the abortion clinic.”

Our nation’s black heroes fought tenaciously for justice. Like them, we will not rest until we abolish abortion - the greatest injustice in history.

Fiat Vita,

Kristina Garza
Director of Campus Outreach
Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust