3 minute Action Alert! Don't turn the other cheek!!!!

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University of California Santa Barbara to protect peaceful protest.

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There is a time to turn the other cheek when we are wronged for our faith.  Then there are times to call out for justice as the Apostle Paul did claiming his Roman citizenship.

Why?  To spread the message!  Survivors was not the one wronged in the incident described below, nor was it Joan and Thrin Short!  So who was wronged?  The babies!

Joan and Thrin were at UCSB to plead the cause of the innocent.  They were attacked for speaking the truth about abortion not because of anything else.  When the professor tried to incite the students to riot and eventually attacking the girls it was the message she was trying to silence!

For this reason we must use every avenue to protect peaceful protest because God has blessed with a nation where we have the right to speak freely and we must defend that right!

Not for our own sake but for the sake of those we are advocates for!  To turn the other cheek is to make it about ourselves and it is not about us, or Joan and Thrin, it is about the babies.

So please join us in protecting peaceful protest for the sake of those being led to the slaughter. (Proverbs 24:11)  Sign the petition now and please forward it to your friends – so babies may live!

Sign the Petition!

Read a brief description of the events for that day
along with some links for more information:

On March 4, 2014, Joan and Thrin Short conducted a peaceful pro-life outreach at UC Santa Barbara until a professor attempted to incite a group of students to riot, stole one of Joan and Thrin’s signs, and assaulted Thrin while escaping to her office where the professor destroyed the sign.

Miller-Young is unfit for any position of authority. She attempted to incite students to break the law. She led them in a chant of “Tear down the sign,” and urged the students to steal. When no student would take the pro-life sign, she tore it out of the girl’s hands herself - and then gave it to her students to carry, drawing them into her own criminal activity. UC Santa Barbara should have taken disciplinary action immediately, but is avoiding the issue altogether.

Now more than a month has passed since Miller-Young was caught on video committing her crimes.  We demanded an apology but UC Santa Barbara’s chancellor, Henry T. Yang, has cowered behind silence. Please sign the petition calling on UCSB to protect peaceful protest.  By protecting peaceful protest, we are able to be an advocate for the preborn.  Please take action today.

Read the developing story here.