Mother's Day: A Time of Reflection

Dozens of people took part in our Mother’s Day event this past Saturday at Planned Parenthood in Riverside.  Many young people came to counsel the girls going into the abortion clinic, or to stand vigilantly next to fetal development signs.  Children filled the sidewalks, doodling beautiful messages such “Choose Life This Mother’s Day.”  Everyone was eager to help but remained composed as our hearts broke for the families going into Planned Parenthood to have their children murdered.


As I stood  praying and trying to keep my 1-year-old little girl occupied, Cheryl Conrad knelt down next to Riley and handed her a piece of chalk.  The gesture warmed my heart as I too acknowledged Riley’s development, now learning how to pick up things and use them for their intended purpose.  But for a moment I grieved. I grieved at the fact that one day Riley might ask me why we are standing on a sidewalk in front an abortion clinic writing life affirming messages in chalk.  Why are we handing pretty flowers to women with tears streaming down their faces. One day she might ask me, “Mama, what is abortion?” and I will have to give an answer.

My prayer and desire is to answer her question like this: “Well you see, abortion was one of the worst genocides our country allowed.  But because of people like your Mama and Daddy, and the work of organizations such as Survivors and countless others, abortion is now just a dark period in History.  We must learn from it, so that we never repeat it.”  

Mother’s Day should be a time of recommitment to pre-born children.  A time to decide in our hearts to fight tirelessly and endlessly to eradicate abortion, so that we see a Mother’s Day when moms no longer fear motherhood and kill their children, but embrace the gift of new life.