Support The Baldwin Family in Adopting a Baby They Saved from Abortion


I will not abort my baby if you will adopt her!

The risk of giving of yourself and serving God is that you never know where you are going to end up and you never know what God is going to call on you to do!

Ashley Baldwin never dreamed that a girl would make the life or death of her baby contingent on Ashley’s action.

Ashley had no obligation to say yes. It wasn’t her baby. Most people would have said no.

But Charles and Ashley Baldwin are not the kind of young people who say no when it comes to serving God. Rather their response is and always has been, "Yes Lord, here I am – use me."

Ashley joined Survivors in February 2008, she toured the country three times with the Survivors Campus Outreach Team serving under the late Kortney Blythe. Ashley was instrumental during some very critical transition times as Kristina took over as Campus Outreach director.

She also traveled for a month in Texas with her now sister-in-law, Hannah Baldwin, doing undercover work, which I am so proud of them both for. She has been a courageous and dedicated advocate for the preborn and represents everything that Survivors stands for - a rebel with a cause. 

It all started when Ashley was invited to come to California and work with Survivors and though she had no family or friends here she just said, “Yes God, here I am, send me!”

Charles always had a great attitude and went on a few missions trips with me before joining Survivors Campus outreach. 

Together Charles and Ashley represented survivors in Belgium with Hannah Baldwin. Ashley has been arrested in front of the White House, while pregnant, for protecting religious freedom and two other times unjustly for speaking the truth of abortion on college campuses.

They were engaged August 2011 and married June 2012. I watched as love blossomed between the two and was happy to see them finally get married. They found out they were pregnant with Riley just 5 weeks post nuptials.

They never stopped enthusiastically serving God and continue to serve Him and rescue babies to this day which brings us to this very critical point in this faithful couples life.

What these two Survivors and former team members are doing is the epitome of a pro-life example!

You might not be able to do what they are doing but you can help make it possible! This is a straightforward, bold request for everyone receiving this email to make a donation of any amount to Charles and Ashley Baldwin. They embody the prolife commitment and love for their neighbor.

I wholeheartedly endorse this effort and this couple. Here is their story, after reading it I hope you will click the link and make a generous donation to this loving and faithful family.

From the Baldwin Family:

"We received a phone call two weeks ago that has forever changed our lives. We were informed that there was a 15 year old girl who was pregnant and seriously considering abortion. I was put in contact with her immediately and I could just hear her trembling with fear through the phone. She has big goals for her life and a painful home life that left her feeling like abortion was the only option. 

We visited two different Pregnancy Resource Centers. After our visit to the first one, she was still leaning towards abortion. 

I took her to lunch, and then to the mall to pick out some bigger clothes since her cute little bump was starting to show. Charles and I prayed fervently for a miracle, that God would just reveal to her how precious her little baby is, who was growing inside of her, and that everything I said to her would be from Him. I asked her to remember that at 25 weeks, her baby was already fully formed, and only need to get bigger and develop her lungs a little bit more. 

After more counsel at Corona Life Services, and an ultrasound, she had a change of heart. 

“God is in control, you are just His vessel” is all I remember saying to myself as she invited me back to the counseling room to reveal her decision: “I have decided to let the baby live”. 

My eyes filled with tears of joy for the precious baby on the ultrasound screen. I was happy enough then, but then came the announcement: ‘I want you and Charles to be the parents.’

Grateful, blessed, undeserving, excited, nervous, these are just a few words to describe how I felt in that moment.

When I got home that night I shared the exciting news with Charles and we both began praying fervently for the Lord's wisdom and discernment. We understand that there is a possibility our birth mom could change her mind after the baby is born. We know that the adoption process is a long road to travel, but we are moving forward with the adoption and pursuing our daughter as the Lord has provided. 

The Bible says that “Children are a heritage from the Lord” and they are a gift (Psalm 127:3). Being involved in the pro-life movement for close to 10 years now, and being a Mama to a cute 1 year old little girl, I know how blessed I am to be chosen as this baby’s mother. We are just so honored and grateful that He has entrusted us with adopting and raising our precious baby girl due this August. It is a privilege to watch how God is orchestrating the whole thing!

With our little girl due in just 3 months, we need your help! 

Our first need is prayer. Prayer for us, for our amazing birth mother, and for this precious little baby. Our birth mother is an incredible young lady. She is wise beyond her years and a major delight to be around. Each day that we get to know each other I grow more and more inspired by her strength and determination.

Our greatest need is financial support for the adoption. We strive to be good stewards of the resources God has given us, but the fact is: we don’t have $7,000 for an unexpected adoption! 

We have found an amazing adoption attorney who is helping us by providing her services for FREE! Can you believe that? But there are still costs involved.

Our attorney estimated the total costs will reach $7,000 even with her pro bono contribution. We need to cover the cost of the homestudy, paperwork, court fees, background checks, and medical and personal costs associated with the birth mother. 

Compared to other private adoptions, $7,000 isn’t very much! But for Charles and I on a single income, it is not an amount we can save in a hurry. 

If God has placed it on your heart to support us financially, we would love to have you help us bring home our baby girl. Every little bit counts as we count down the weeks to our daughter’s birthday, and we are grateful for your support!"

Please click the button below and support Charles and Ashley in their adoption of this baby girl who was destined for death but rescued. Thank you for encouraging and giving to Charles and Ashley.  

-Jeff White