That Moment When...

The WHOLE SCHOOL Is Talking About Abortion

That moment when the WHOLE School is talking about abortion.  That’s the moment the Campus Outreach Team relishes.  That means we’re winning.


After one early morning outreach outside a high school as students arrived, we got a text from one of the students, whose family happened to be hosting us for the week:

“That moment when EVERY conversation in the hall is about abortion...  Freaking awesome!”

We rarely see or hear about our impact after we do activism at college and high school campuses.  One of the trials and blessings of our work is trusting that our work is fruitful, even when we don’t get to see it.  It is a beautiful opportunity to grow in our faith.

However, sometimes God allows us to see how much our work affects students AND faculty. One administrator at the University of Washington told us:

“I understand that this is free speech. But when I have the WHOLE school angry and complaining, then I'll have to classify it as a campus event.”


The administrator was looking for a way to get us off campus, so she tried telling us that she had the authority to de-classify our outreach as free speech, and then call it a campus event so that she could deny us permission to be on campus.  When we told her that we would peacefully continue our outreach, she sighed and walked away.

At a debriefing with the pro-life club at Boise State University, the club president stressed how effective our two-day outreach was:

“We made people choose a side!  Our WHOLE campus was talking about abortion!”


When people talk about abortion, they are forced to think about what abortion IS exactly, and then have to decide if they are ok with it.  More often than not, students decide that abortion is wrong. The more we get college and high school students to talk about abortion, the more public acceptance of abortion will diminish.

That is the work of the Campus Outreach Team.  We get WHOLE schools to talk about abortion - but we can only start conversations if we have signs and literature.  Please help the Campus Outreach Team get students talking about abortion now by helping us cover the cost of our new signs.  We have faith that the conversations we start will save lives and hasten the end of our generation’s holocaust.

Fiat Vita,

Kristina Garza
Director of Campus Outreach
Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust