College Professor Who Attacked Pro-Life Student Pleads to Misdemeanor Charges

Mireille Miller-Young, the violent pro-abortion professor, entered a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) last week to the criminal charges against her, which include grand theft, vandalism, and battery. Miller-Young, an associate professor of feminist studies at UC Santa Barbara, gained notoriety five months ago when a group of young pro-life activists led by Joan and Thrin Short organized a pro-life display on the UCSB campus to encourage conversation and education about abortion. Miller-Young attempted to incite a mob of students to tear down the pro-life display, but finally she stole a sign herself. Joan and Thrin followed her, video-taping and calling the police, but Miller-Young escaped at an elevator after repeatedly scratching Thrin and finally destroyed the sign.

See the video of the attack:

The plea means that she will be convicted on the three misdemeanor charges. A sentencing hearing has been set for August 14, 2014.

Joan and Thrin's mother, an attorney and the Legal Director for Life Legal Defense Foundation said: “Today’s plea bring us one step closer to seeing justice done in this case. Pro-life advocates should not be subjected to intimidation and violence for lawfully exercising their right to free speech, and we are happy to see that Ms. Miller-Young is being held accountable for her actions.”

When interviewed by the police after the incident, Miller-Young defiantly stated that she believed that her theft and destruction of the sign had “set a good example for her students.” Read her full statement.

The Short family is glad to see that at least part of the example Miller-Young has set for her students is undone. Inside the classroom, Miller-Young teaches with pornography. Outside her classroom, she attempted to teach students that they could get away with suppressing views with which they disagree. Her plea of no contest proves that the justice system still enforces the protection of  free speech and private property. Regardless of criminal proceedings, Miller-Young should be dismissed from her teaching position to put an end to her part in corrupting students' minds.

Survivors’ Director of Campus Outreach, Kristina Garza, responds to Miller-Young’s plea, saying, “We are glad that Miller-Young has stopped defending her violent actions against the young pro-life activists, however, we are very upset that the University has remained silent, choosing to protect Miller-Young’s hateful actions.”

To date, it is not known whether UCSB has imposed any disciplinary sanctions on Ms. Miller-Young. The University has not made any public statement, much less issued an apology for the criminal actions of its employee and students.

Sign the petition for disciplinary action to prevent Miller-Young from setting a hateful example for any more students.