“Nobody Wanted Me Alive in this World”

Fifty-six million members of our generation did not survive.  For a few hundred dollars each, their beautiful, unrepeatable lives were snuffed out by abortion.  Some of us inexplicably escaped that awful death against all odds.  Here is one survivor’s story, sent to us this week via Facebook:

Hello friends,

I've written this message many times before but I have not had the courage to click "send". I'm not ready to share this publicly yet, but I would love to do so someday and be a spokesperson for the unborn.  I'm writing to you now  to thank you for being a voice for those who can't speak to defend themselves. I want to thank you for being brave and defending life while I hide in the shadows in absurd fear. You make a difference in the world and I'm happy that you exist to defend human beings that are sometimes degraded to something less than trees.  Chaining yourself to a tree is more honorable than protecting the unborn to some people.

Here is my experience with abortion:

My mother was 21 years old, she had just had my brother not more than 3 months before, and her relationship with my dad was hostile. After events I will not discuss out of respect for my parents and their privacy, they decided to divorce and go their separate ways. Then, my mom found out she was pregnant with  me and couldn't feel any more frustrated at the news. She wouldn't be able to survive with two children to take care of and having to get a job. This happened in 90's Mexico where an extremely patriarchal and conservative culture looked down on divorced single mothers and wouldn't see her fit for a respectable job. So, she told my dad about me and the choice she had made and together they went to a clandestine abortion clinic to finish her pregnancy. The lady in charge gave my mom a shot that was supposed to kill me and give her period back. She told her not to worry about anything, that she would feel some cramps and that I would be washed out of her body when she got her period again. So they left the clinic thinking the problem had been solved. Yep, I wasn't expected with love and open arms. Nobody wanted me alive in this world so nobody stood against her decision.

As you can see, it didn't work and I'm here. 22 years later I'm still here. I'm going to transfer to UCLA this fall and I kept a 4.0 GPA throughout my community college career. I kept my good grades throughout high school as well and never got into trouble. And all of this, everything I do, is to make my mom proud. I want her to hold her head high as she says "she's my daughter" and never EVER regret I was born. I want her to see how grateful I am for not trying again when she realized the first time didn't work. I want her to know how happy I am that I got to live by her side and grow and learn from a brave woman like her. She stayed with my dad and worked her differences so my brother and I could have a good family, and although their marriage is not the best, I admire her dedication and love to see me in a happy complete home when she didn't even want me to be born to begin with.

My mom told me this story when I was 14. She apologized for what she tried to do and told me I was her best friend. I was never mad with her about her confession. How could I be? She has done so much for me and loved me, how could I let one little thing like like that ruin our relationship? It only made me love her more because even when she didn't want to have me at first she never tossed me aside. I could've never asked for a better mother and I love her with all my heart.

So here it is. My story. I pray God gives me the courage to one day put my face by my story. Hopefully, one day I will be able to come out and speak publicly and convince young mothers that we want a chance to prove to them that we're worth it. That we want to make them proud, we just need one chance, a chance to be alive.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

An Abortion Survivor

Do you know an abortion survivor?  Have you survived an abortion?  Please share your story.  You are not alone.