​Lila Rose Joins the #SurvivorsResistance Call! Don't Miss It!


Live Action President Lila Rose knows from personal experience how Planned Parenthood wants to bury the truth.  She has been conducting multi-state investigations into Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry since 2007. And what she discovered revealed malfeasance, lawlessness, and contempt for human life and safety at all levels of the organization, from local counselors and nurses all the way up to the CEO's desk.  

Lila knows that no matter how heinous the crime, Planned Parenthood will do all they can to silence the message of these videos!  And Lila knows they have the publicity team, powerful friends in the media, and politicians in their pockets who can do it.  

We must not let that happen!  The current investigative videos exposing Planned Parenthood's grisly practice of harvesting and trafficking aborted baby body parts, as shocking as they are, will fade into obscurity if we do not hold PP's feet to the fire!

THAT is the mission of the Resistance:  To make sure Planned Parenthood is held accountable by aggressively exposing their evil deeds.  And you can be a part!

Call in Wednesday at 6pm to hear Lila's strategic insights about how we can magnify the impact of these videos!  

WHAT: The Resistance Conference Call with special guest Lila Rose
DATE: Wednesday, October 7, 2015
TIME: 6 PM Pacific
CONFERENCE NUMBER: (712) 775-7031 Access Code: 554099#