Gathering like a storm - The Resistance grows. . .

Gathering like a storm - The Resistance grows . . .

Dear Friend,

         Have you ever seen a storm gather in the distance?  At times it looks like it is literally rolling towards you, growing in power, force and size - ominous - foreboding.

         That is The Resistance!

         And Planned Parenthood sees it coming.

         The Survivors are launching The Resistance and over 100 individuals, leaders and organizations have signed on.

         The Resistance storm is gathering over California - Why California?

         Because Planned Parenthood has targeted California!

         Planned Parenthood affiliates declined over the last ten years in every state except California!  

         In California - PP grew in numbers to 112, an increase of over 20%.  In fact California has more Planned Parenthood affiliates than New York and Texas combined!!!!

         And Planned Parenthood is even welcome in our high schools with on-campus clinics!!

         And the recently released videos for the Center for Medical Progress centered in California - Planned Parenthood's stronghold!

                                          California is Planned Parenthood's stronghold -
                                           so California is where The Resistance begins!

         This battle is going to be intense.

         If we think we will go up against Planned Parenthood's fortress of power and money and not suffer for it, we are mistaken.

         The threats of retribution from powerful Planned Parenthood and its structures of political power and local influence are real.  

         And I warn everyone - consider the cost - for we may indeed suffer loss in our personal lives, our business lives and our reputation within our own communities.

         And that isn't even the greatest threat!

         "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."Ephesians 6:12

         I tell you as a leader of Operation Rescue for over 10 years, I have seen the devastation the spiritual powers have wreaked.  Lives destroyed, fortunes lost, and honors tarnished.

         For we are our greatest weakness!

         We are sinners and the devil knows our weaknesses and prowls around like a lion seeking whom he will devour.  
         And Planned Parenthood is a pride of his lions and he will cut them loose - you can count on it.

         And if this battle were only to be fought by you and me in our flesh - I would despair!

         For we are no match for Planned Parenthood. 

         But as I, a soldier of the cross, lay prostrate keeping my head low for fear of the enemy's fire, I look up to see a standard - a banner - a battle flag of Jesus Christ!!!!! 

         I hear a battle cry! 

         "Rescue those unjustly sentenced to death!" 

         "Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee." 

         And now, as a leader and a soldier of the cross, I rise and lift our battle flag of The Resistance and cry for an advance against Planned Parenthood in California like they have never seen. 

         And The Resistance grows like a gathering storm as we prepare to charge forward. 

          We must prepare ourselves in prayer and through confession of sin.  We must proclaim our reliance on God and claim our power in Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit. 

         We must begin to recruit others - leaders, individuals and organizations for cooperation and unity.   

         As I wrote that last line I remembered a fellow leader with whom I have had an ongoing quarrel.  I was right in my own eyes and had the upper hand and control.  My pride was stopping me from giving him relief.  I picked up the phone just now, before I wrote this, to reconcile with him. Lest my hypocrisy jeopardize The Resistance and the work God has for us to do!

          Unity.  Often spoken of and so rarely obtained.  

          "For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work." James 3:16

          May God grant me as a leader the grace to lead without envy and strife!  It is easier said than done.  

          Where was I?  Oh, yes:

          And The Resistance grows like a gathering storm as we charge forward.

          And gathering we are, but that gathering is a time of preparation.

          We must prepare ourselves in prayer and through confession of sin. We must proclaim our reliance on God and claim our power in Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit.

          We must begin to recruit others - leaders, individuals and organizations for cooperation and unity.  

          There are physical preparations also.  

          The Resistance needs a rapid response team of Survivors that can go when and where they are needed:  The Minutemen of the Resistance!

          We have repurposed the Survivors Campus Outreach van to be our rapid response minutemen vehicle.  It will be loaded with signs, literature, bullhorns, banner material, paints,die-in supplies, computers and internet . . .

          Everything we will need to fight his fight at a physical level.

          We also need a specialized team of young people willing to charge forward with seemingly reckless abandon.

          But it won't be reckless abandon - it will be a Godly zeal!  A fearless charge pushed on by faith in God, a reliance on His power and truth.

          These types of young people are not easy to find, please pray God leads them to me and I to them.

          October is the month of gathering and preparation for a year-long battle from now to Election Day.

          The Resistance has a three prong strategy

          First, we call for The Resistance and gather our fellow faithful soldiers of the cross.

          Next, we reach out to end the deafening silence of the church.  We call on those who name the name of Christ to join us in this effort and speak out about abortion and the devastation abortion in our congregation has wrought!!  

          Finally, the political allies of Planned Parenthood must be confronted!  The Resistance will confront and disrupt the activities of those politicians who defend and fund Planned Parenthood.

          This is a call to action like none Survivors has ever made. For us, everything else will be on hold!  We are focusing all our energy on The Resistance from now to Election Day!

          I am redirecting my life and my business to focus more directly on The Resistance.

          I ask you to do the same.

          I am asking you to give generously to the Survivors so we can fill the Rapid Response Minutemen van.  These are exciting times.  

         For years people have asked me for strategies to end abortion in a year or a decade. I always said there is no such strategy.

         Instead, I told them to be faithful in the fight for the preborn and be prepared to move when God moves.  I said God will raise up someone or some organization and it will be a tide changing event and when it happens be ready to move!

         The Planned Parenthood body parts trafficking videos are a tide change and now is the time to move.  Even presidential candidates are calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood- what a change from the last election when President Obama ran on an unabashedly pro-abortion platform!!!

          The tide has changed and The Resistance must hit the beach now!

           The Resistance needs you to be there, to be a part of The Resistance, to give generously as we storm California and Planned Parenthood.

           If you went full time what would it cost you?  Could you do it?
           Even if you could, would you?  The cost is high - I know!!!!

           This is why I am asking you to give generously, sacrificially!!

           Because I am asking these young people to give generously of their time, sacrificing their plans for the future and to charge headlong into battle with Planned Parenthood here in California.

           Please, give the very best gift you can right now and pray to God for guidance on your sacrifice and giving.  Give as He directs and join The Resistance today!

A Fellow Soldier of the Cross,    
Jeff White
For The Resistance

P.S. California is Planned Parenthood's stronghold.  The body parts trafficking videos originate primarily from California.  The Resistance rises here.  We are gathering like a storm to expose the evil Planned Parenthood. Please join The Resistance and give sacrificially today!

The Resistance is gathering like a
storm on Planned Parenthood’s horizon!

This is not going to be an easy fight.  The Resistance needs you to give generously and sacrificially.  What cost are you willing to pay?  What sacrifice is God calling you to?

When I was a younger man my father, a retired Sheriff’s Deputy was dying.  He asked me to
consider finding another way to exercise my pro-life work, a work he supported whole-heartedly.

He said it pained him to think of his son in jail and would I pray about another direction for my
life.  I said I would pray about it.  That Sunday in church, I believe in God’s providence, I read the hymn– Am I a Soldier of the Cross.  I came home and shared the hymn and my conviction that I must indeed stay in the fight as a leader for Operation Rescue.  

He gave me his blessing and he died shortly thereafter – I was in jail.

Here are the words to that hymn:

                      Am I a soldier of the cross,  A follow’r of the Lamb?
                      And shall I fear to own His cause, Or blush to speak His name?

                      Must I be carried to the skies On flow’ry beds of ease,
                      While others fought to win the prize, And sailed through bloody seas?

                       Are there no foes for me to face?  Must I not stem the flood?
                       Is this vile world a friend to grace,  To help me on to God?

                       Sure I must fight if I would reign;  Increase my courage, Lord;
                       I’ll bear the toil, endure the pain, Supported by Thy Word.

                       Thy saints in all this glorious war Shall conquer, though they die;
                       They see the triumph from afar, By faith’s discerning eye.

                       When that illustrious day shall rise,  And all Thy armies shine
                        In robes of vict’ry through the skies,  The glory shall be Thine.

We all must count the cost.  We all must sacrifice if we are to see victory.  In some ways this is a no lose battle for us.  For every effort we make whether it brings Planned Parenthood down or not will indeed save many babies lives.

So our sacrifice is rewarded already.

Please give a sacrificial gift today to make The Resistance possible.  Stop now and ask God what
He would have you give.  And then give with great expectation!