None compare to the evil Dr. Mary Gatters

Scrooge, the Grinch, Mr. Henry Potter. 

Have you heard of them?  

Christmas villains, every one!  Yet none
compare to the evil Dr. Mary Gatters.  

The Survivors are going to her home to sing
Christmas carols.  Will she welcome us?

Dear Friend,

     Have you seen the video of Dr. Mary Gatters from Planned Parenthood sitting and having a drink as she haggles over the price for baby parts she has to sell?

     Have you watched as she jokes about wanting to buy a Lamborghini with the proceeds from the hearts and livers of little babies she has killed with her own hands?

     Have you ever wondered how the truly evil people spend Christmas?  
I do.

     Scrooge, the Grinch and men like Henry Potter, all known Christmas villains, but Dr. Mary Gatters makes every other Christmas villain pale by comparison.

     This Christmas season she will be stealing the gift of life right from within the God-made Christmas packaging - the mother's womb.

     Then she will resale the babies piece by piece, all for more money to buy material things like the Lamborghini she jokes about.                                                                                                              
     If ever there was an antithesis to the Jesus Christ of Christmas it is Dr. Mary Gatters.

     Jesus Christ came to overcome death.  Dr. Mary Gatters comes to bring death. 

     Jesus Christ came to bring hope in times of trouble, to heal the sick and to protect the fatherless.  Dr. Mary Gatters steals the hope from within a mother's womb, turning her health into a life of pain while she murders the fatherless.

     My heart is heavy as I ponder the many women who will see Dr. Mary Gatters this Christmas season.  

     And at times despair rushes over me as I bow my head in prayer for those fathers who will never know the joy of waking up on Christmas day to the excited cries of their child,"Daddy, Daddy get up - it's Christmas!"

     Does Dr. Mary Gatters listen to Christmas songs?  Well she can this year without ever leaving her home!  How?

           The Survivors are going to sing Christmas carols at the home of Dr. Mary Gatters!

     Yes!  And it is our prayer that like Scrooge, maybe Mary will get a visit from the ghosts of Christmas and have a change of heart.

     Or maybe her shriveled heart will grow like the Grinch's, only sadly she won't be able to return the gifts she has stolen.

     Or maybe like Mr. Potter in It's A Wonderful Life nothing at all will change but others will see what a Christmas without them or their little child would be like.

     It is time for . . .

     Survivors' annual Christmas Caroling event: A Prolife Christmas Carol!

     Every year the Survivors go to abortion clinics and sing Christmas carols! We also encourage others across the nation to organize their own Christmas caroling outreach.

     This year, our desire is to see The Resistance groups everywhere plan a day of Christmas caroling in front of their local Planned Parenthood.

     There is nothing more haunting or moving as Christmas carols sung outside the Planned Parenthood death camps.

     Suddenly familiar Christmas carols ring with a new clarity and depth of meaning as you pour out your voice in song.

     What Child is This?  Silent Night.  Joy to the World.  Hark the Herald Angels Sing.  Oh Holy Night.  Away in the Manger . . .

     I am reminded of the words from one of my favorite Christmas songs, I heard the Bells on Christmas Day:  

     "And in despair I bowed my head there is no peace on earth I said, for hate is strong and mocks the song of peace on earth good will to men."

      But it continues on:

      Then pealed the bells more loud and deep.

      God is not dead nor doth He sleep!

      The wrong shall fail the right prevail with peace on earth goodwill to men.

      This is why we must go!

      For God is not dead and He is not asleep and the Christ Child was not aborted and though He died at the hands of men for our sins He arose again and conquered death!

      Yes, Dr. Mary Gatters, Jesus conquered death!

      And Mary, you should know you are on the wrong side of history and the future!

      So we are coming to your home to sing of a Savior who can bring you life eternal and forgiveness for your sins.  Your hands are covered in blood and the only hope you have is to welcome Christ, the child in the womb of whom we will be singing there at your house.

      Invite us in!  Hear the good news.  Forgiveness is yours.  You can get a new heart, not one for sale at Planned Parenthood, a true gift from God this Christmas season.
      You may think those words are hollow when it comes to Dr. Mary Gatters.

     But let me tell you, there are many former killing doctors who have come to faith and repentance through the years: Dr. Anthony Levatino, Dr. Beverly Mc Millan, Dr. Bernard Nathanson are three.

     All forgiven killers we will see in heaven!

     This is why every year the Survivors organize A Prolife Christmas Carol events...

      Because lives are saved!

      Yes, dozens of lives of babies have been saved during pro-life Christmas caroling.  I've had conversations with doctors I would not have had if we had not gone.

We believe in the power of the gospel of life, the truth, and the work of the Holy Spirit.

      So the Survivors will go.  Resistance groups across the country will go. 
      They will go to abortionist's homes, to the killing centers, and will sing loud and clear! For evil will fail and right will prevail as we sing of peace on earth, good will to men!

      Don't let this Christmas season pass without lifting up prayers for the girls who will find themselves pregnant, many unexpectantly, lost and afraid or maybe angry or hurt.

      Pray for them that God will protect them from the preying hands of Dr. Mary Gatters.

      Pray God will send a caring person into their life to show them the way.

      Pray for Dr. Mary Gatters, pray that as she sells hearts that she will realize a clean heart is priceless and pray she seeks a new heart in Christ.

      And pray for the Survivors and the Resistance groups as we travel to the gates of hell to sing!  For sing we shall, Christmas carols of peace on earth, goodwill toward man!

     Christmas provides an opportunity like none other.  It is our holiday more than any other!

     Christmas is the celebration of the birth, not an abortion, of the Savior of the world.  It is about joy!  It is about life!  It is a holiday, a truly Holy day celebrated the world over!

     And rather than expecting Starbucks to put snowflakes on coffee cups we should be putting Jesus Christ on display in our lives!

     The Survivors are going to put Christ in Christmas this year. 

     We are going to celebrate life and sing our hearts out in front of the most hopeless places on earth.  The killing centers where thousands of children will be killed before they can celebrate their first Christmas!

      It is my prayer you will join A Prolife Christmas Caroling group or organize one and let us know when and where it will be so we can invite others.

     The Survivors know these caroling events save lives and souls.

     Please support the Christmas work of the Survivors by giving a special Christmas gift today so they can continue their lifesaving work.

     This is a perfect time to end the year with a tax deductible gift to the Survivors.

     As we close this year out and prepare for a busy new year, the Survivors really need your support and special Christmas gift.

    The Survivors are leading the fight against Planned Parenthood on the street.

    The Survivors have been embodying the very spirit of Christmas by giving of themselves in training and on-the-street activism, but also giving away their resources such as signs and literature so others can fight the good fight!

     Please give a special year-end gift to Survivors as they lead out in song this Christmas!

     Together we will see the end of Planned Parenthood, lives saved, mothers spared the tragedy of aborting their baby, and pray for hardened hearts, evil hearts like Dr. Mary Gatters' to be changed.

     Thank you for your generosity to the Survivors.  Thank you for your special year-end gift that will make everything they do possible.  And as Tiny Tim so blessedly proclaims in Dickens' Christmas Carol, "God bless you, every one!"

                                      Merry Christmas,                                                                          
                                       Jeff White
P.S. The Survivors are going to the home of Dr. Mary "Lambo" Gatters to sing Christmas carols.  They are going to the abortion clinics and reaching out to women about to makethe biggest mistake of their lives.  They will be singing of a Savior, and of hope.  Pleasegive a special year-end gift to keep the Survivors singing and saving lives and confrontingthe evil of Planned Parenthood.  Your gift makes it all possible.