Your little girl was raped.


Dear friend,

Laws are written to protect the innocent, not to profit at their expense. 

Now your little 14 year old girl ends up pregnant - is this something you think you as a parent should know about? Do you think there is someone who cares more about your little girl than you?

Well, Planned Parenthood thinks there is. Planned Parenthood thinks they exist to protect your little girl from you! You see, according to Planned Parenthood, parents are evil oppressors. Someone to protect our teenage daughters from.

So Planned Parenthood will ignore how they got pregnant - a teacher, a predator neighbor, a Planned Parenthood sex education instructor? Who impregnated your little girl? Was it misguided love or someone abusing your little girl?

Planned Parenthood doesn't care. They will get Medi-Cal funding to kill your grandchild, do a medical procedure on your daughter without your knowledge, load her up with birth control also paid for with your tax dollars and return her to her possible abuser or inappropriate sexual behavior.

Planned Parenthood does not want you in their business and your little girl is their business!!!

This is why Planned Parenthood opposes the Parental Notification Initiative.

And this is why we must make sure it is on the November 2016 ballot here in California.

Please join us in making sure this initiative gets on the ballot. Do your part and get involved. Here is the information on how you can stop Planned Parenthood from victimizing our little girls, act now to protect our girls by protecting our parental rights.

Parental Notification needs to gather hundreds of thousands of valid signatures to get the initiative on the ballot, and they need your help!  Gather signatures at your church, from friends or at your next local pro-life event!

Go to this link to sign up to be a signature gatherer and they will show you exactly what to do:

For the protection of women and children, 
Jeff White
Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust