"Yes, We Are Ready!"

Dear friend of the Survivors,

Ready for the New Year?  Because of 2015, and your partnership, the Survivors answer with a hearty, "Yes!  We are ready!"  

2015 exploded with unprecedented opportunity for the pro-life movement.  America's eyes blinked wide open in July through undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood's barbaric sale of baby body parts.  As America attempted to process this horror and wrestled with her conscience, Survivors clearly saw the direction they needed to go.  

Survivors always run fearlessly to the battle, wherever the battle may be.  Strategically, Survivors formed the Resistance, targeting their efforts on Planned Parenthood to maximize the effect of the videos that changed the landscape of the prolife movement.


And Survivors are strategically based in California, the abortion capital of our nation.  California is the state with the highest number of reported abortions, and also the highest number of abortions per capita.  It is also home to a large Latino community, the very population that Planned Parenthood has targeted with 50% of its marketing budget.  Couple that with the fact that there are more Planned Parenthood clinics in California than any other state . . .

Surely, Survivors are in this perfect position in California by God's sovereignty!  A responsibility we take seriously.

We stand ready to open the door to 2016 and all God has challenged us to do:

  • Effectively and creatively protesting Planned Parenthood, showing the world the truth about their evil trade
  • Raising up Resistance leaders throughout California
  • Reaching out with La Resistencia to the Latino community
  • Exposing and opposing politicians that protect and promote Planned Parenthood

But we need you!   

Six babies were saved from abortion just in this month of December through Survivors' efforts, but now at the end of 2015, I want you to know we don't have enough money to finish out the year.  I am hoping you might be able to give a special gift to launch us into 2016, to continue saving lives!

Survivors ended this year with six babies saved in December -- and those are just the ones we know of, there are probably more!  All during Survivors' outreaches and Christmas caroling events at several Planned Parenthood clinics.  And we will welcome the New Year with a candlelight prayer vigil at Pasadena Planned Parenthood on January 22nd, the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  A fitting end of one year and beginning of the new as we work to end abortion!

Just imagine how many lives will be saved in 2016 through the gift you give today!  Without you there would be no Survivors.

Thank you for everything you have given to support the work of Survivors!   I pray a special blessing on you this New Year.  May God bless you abundantly in every area of your life for all you do for His name's sake and for the preborn children.

Your Friend for Life,

Cheryl Conrad
Director of Operations, Survivors