Tampa Police Complicit in Harassment Against Pro-Life Youth

March 13, 2015: A busy morning at Tampa Woman's Health Center, a same-day abortion facility. The Survivors Campus Outreach team and youth from Created Equal's spring Justice Ride pleaded with the mothers entering to kill their children and prayed, sang, and chalked pro-life messages on the sidewalk.  Two mothers left the abortion facility and chose to let their children live!  We praised God, but the abortion workers were angry and brought buckets of water out to the sidewalk to wash the chalk away.  A woman arrived for a pregnancy test, but we directed her next door to the pro-life pregnancy resource center instead.  The escorts became even more angry and began splashing the youth with water from the buckets and turned a hose on the group standing on the sidewalk.  We were glad to suffer for Christ, but the harassment continued to escalate.  Where would it end?  The escorts were unashamedly spraying us in the face - what would they do to the next pro-life sidewalk counselors who came to help the expectant mothers?  I called the sheriff's department and asked for an officer to come put stop to the barrage of water, but the two officers who arrived refused to take action.  They told me that spraying us was not a crime and that if we didn't want to get wet, we should leave.  Help us end the police complicity toward the pro-abort activists' criminal behavior!  Share this video and demand the protection of free speech! 

Please continue to pray for our team's safety, success, and  freedom as we share the truth about abortion across the country.  

Mary Rose Short

Director of Outreach
Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust