The Team Has Been Most Excellent!

Helping Mary Rose lead Survivors' Campus Outreach Team this semester has been a blast and we've just gotten started.  I knew from the beginning that it would be an excellent adventure! The new team members are just as excited as I am to be a part of Survivors, fighting to end abortion.

This new team is dedicated.  We don't hear any complaining from the team that they're too tired or too cold.  Even when the schools take snow days, the Survivors team finds some way to share the pro-life message.  Right now, when the weather is so bad that the schools are closed and there aren't people out on the streets to share the truth with, we're all sitting around a big table in a warm house with our laptops, eating fresh cinnamon rolls, and drinking hot coffee -- sounds miserable, right?  But that doesn't mean the team isn't working hard.  When I look up, everyone is buried in their computer.  Occasionally someone pops up and tells a joke or reminds everyone of something funny that had happened.  Everyone laughs and then goes back to work.  Even though we're activists and prefer being out on the streets, everyone has a good attitude about using this snow day to work on videos, articles and social media.  The Survivors like to have fun, too, so after working inside today, we plan to go sledding!

Each of the four new team members is an excellent activist in their own way, making this a well-rounded team.

I first met Francis in DC for the March for Life.  His family graciously hosted the Survivors during our time in DC.  When we first met, we were surprised to discover we had mutual friends on Facebook.  Francis was quiet at first and a little timid on campus, but after just a couple days of asking his fellow team members questions, and listening in on the other team member's conversations with students on campus, he opened up.  He began debating with people even I would have second thoughts about going up to talk to.  And don't let his quiet manner fool you around a pool table.  He's a warrior with a cue stick!

I first met Katie a couple years ago at the Chino Hills Memorial for the Unborn. The Survivors were there for the anniversary of the burial of the "Chino Hills babies" - 54 babies who were discarded in a box from an abortion clinic in Los Angeles and who were buried on October 11, 1998.  The first day on campus with Katie, I was blown away:  she is fearless.  She's also good at getting the timid college students who walk by whispering that they are pro-life to sign up to receive our emails and then getting them excited about starting a pro-life club on campus.  She's also experienced in making videos and is a great resource to the team as we produce videos.

Sam was on my team when I was a leader at my fourth Survivors ProLife Training Camp.  I had no idea at the time that he would become a close friends and a great asset to the Campus Outreach team.  Whenever the team is tired or feeling down, Sam is there to say something crazy or sing a song to pick up the team's spirit.  He's a super smart guy and when can debate a pro-abort for hours and never get stumped.

I first met Claire at a Survivors ProLife Training Camp.  Claire is a fun person to have on the team. Even with me constantly teasing her for not eating meat, and anything else I can think of, she's cheerful and hardworking.  She competently tackles her many job assignments without complaining.

That's our team this semester and I think they are all most excellent!

Unfortunately, this team won't last forever - most of this team will be moving on after this semester.  Are you one of our next team members?  We are always taking applications to join the team.  Being on the team is an awesome experience: you learn so much, get to travel, see people's hearts and minds change on the spot, and you know you're doing God's work.  

If you're thinking of taking a semester off of school or feel that you're being called for missionary work check out our website.  We'd love to have you!