“It really isn’t human because…”

by Samuel Riley

Q:  Which statement(s) can be overheard in daily discussions about abortion on college campuses?

a) “It’s really small”

b) “It’s less developed”

c) “It can’t live without the mother”

d) “It’s inside the mother”

e)  All of the above

All of the above.

At University of California, Riverside, I talked with a man who said all four statements within the first minute of our conversation.  So I asked him, “What difference does size make in determining whether the ‘fetus’ is valuable or not?  Or whether the ‘fetus’ is human or not?”

“Well, it does matter!  Do you think humans are the same as ants?”

I replied, “We’re talking about humans, not ants, do you think we should be allowed to kill someone if they’re shorter than us?”

“Well, no.”

“So do you agree that size has nothing to do with a person's humanity?”

“Yeah, but it’s still WAY less developed.”

“That’s true, the baby is less developed, but I’m younger and less developed than you, does that make you MORE human?”


“So what difference does development make?”

“Because it doesn’t even have a brain, it can’t even breathe.”

“So if a person’s brain is in development that makes it okay to kill them before it develops?  And if they can’t breathe it’s okay to cut off their oxygen supply?”

“I guess not … but it still needs the mother.”

“We’re on a college campus, most of these kids still need their mother, does that make it okay to kill them?”

“No, but the fetus is completely dependent.  The college kids would still live whether they get help from their moms or not.”  

“That’s true, the baby is almost entirely dependent, but is that reason enough for him to be put to death? Just because someone needs you, does that mean you can kill them?”

“I guess not. But technically it’s inside the mother, therefore the mother can do whatever she wants to it.”

“So just because the baby is in a certain place that means it’s okay to kill him?  Does our location determine whether we can be killed legally or not?”

“No. Well … I’ll think about it, I’ve got to get to class.”

“Okay, thanks for talking to me!  Have a nice day!”

 Size, level of development, environment, or location -- none of that magically turns a human baby into a tumor, or a sore tooth needing to be pulled.  It never takes away a person's value and it never reconciles the death of a child. So why do these arguments come up so often on campus?  Because they are some of the few left to support the pro-abortion stance.  So much so, that most conversations about abortion are based on these four fragile arguments. With a small amount of honest questioning, the propped up arguments fall to pieces.

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