They forced us into the street!

Update: Jackson, Mississippi - On March 19th 2015, Jeff White, Founder of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, was arrested on a public sidewalk outside Jackson State University while advocating for the preborn with the Campus Outreach Team who were also threatened with arrest.

Ironically, Jeff was arrested right next to a Civil Rights Tour sign, a symbolic place to remember the fight for basic human rights. Today, children in the womb are stripped of their most basic right, the right to life, while advocates of the preborn are threatened with arrest if they try to speak up on their behalf.

Video: Jeff White's arrest on public sidewalk

See details of the violation of our 1st Amendment rights in the press release from Life Legal Defense Foundation.

We returned to JSU the next day to have a press conference to call attention to the previous day's lawlessness, (see the press release here) but not even a press conference was allowed on the sidewalk. The police ordered us into the street! So much for protect and serve, let alone upholding the Constitution! 

As Jeff said, we endure these kinds of things all too often.  It is infuriating, but we suffer it gladly because it is not for ourselves but for the preborn.  We covet your prayers and support as you stand behind our ministry here at Survivors, and ask that you would give generously to enable our team to continue to educate about abortion on campuses in spite of opposition and threat of arrest.

For the Preborn,

Rev. James Conrad
Director of Training and Apologetics