You killed his brother. This is personal.

                        Hey PLANNED PARENTHOOD!!!  Meet Cheryl's kid.  
                                        Only he is not a KID ANYMORE!!!  

                                   You killed his brother.  This is personal. 

Dear friend,
         Kristina Garza said to me one time, "Abortion is personal to this generation." 

         This generation has lost brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles.  This generation has playmates, classmates and friends they will never meet on earth. 

         It is personal - they are the target of Planned Parenthood.  The generation to whom society said - some of you are not wanted!

         And it is never more personal than to the young man I am about to introduce.

         35 years ago his mother walked into a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic with his brother in her womb.  She walked out alone.

         It was her birthday, something her son would never live to see.  It etched the day of his death in her heart forever - or at least this side of heaven.

         Much later, she sought forgiveness at the feet of our Savior, and forgiveness from her other two sons.  She shares her testimony at churches and pro-life events, warning young people of abortion's devastation.  She has dedicated her life to abolishing legalized abortion in America.

         The pain still touches her deeply and even as I write I know she will have to read and edit this letter - and she will cry.  

         But I also know this letter and announcement will make her proud:

Planned Parenthood - Meet Cheryl's kid!  Only he is not a kid anymore!!

Planned Parenthood - meet the Reverend James Conrad !!!

Planned Parenthood - meet Survivors' new Director of Training and Apologetics!!

         This is personal to him.  You killed his brother, some of his cousins, aunts and uncles. You have cut a swath of destruction in his family and in his generation and he is dedicating his life, as has his mother before him, to abolish the evil of abortion in our nation!

         But James is also a pastor and so he will offer healing and restoration to those whose lives have been deeply touched by abortion, lives just like his.

        I am so proud to announce the arrival of the Rev James Conrad as the Survivors' Director of Training and Apologetics for another reason:

                                                He is my son-in-law!

         Yes, James Conrad is my son in law, married to my very special daughter, Katie.  He is a father to two of my beautiful grandchildren.

         Here is why Planned Parenthood and the entire abortion cartel should be worried:

         Our kids are in this fight, and like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of our youth.  They watched their parents fight and now it is their turn!

         Their turn to take a stand, their turn to make history, and I believe this generation of young people is going to put an end to the abortion cartel's murderous, genocidal, government-funded killing business and their precious blood money!

        James does not come to Survivors waiting to be told what to do.

         He is hitting the ground running.

         His first day he will meet with witnesses for an undercover operation to expose Planned Parenthood.  He will be meeting with people who have been employees, working on the inside,of Planned Parenthood - people who know their dirty little secrets.

         The next day is an evening of training for a new coalition of pro-life activists starting their own I AM high school and college campaign in San Diego.  

        But the thing I am most excited about, the thing that should continue to worry Planned Parenthood, is the first big event James is going to lead!!!!

         James Conrad, as Survivors' new Director of Training and Apologetics will lead and organize Survivors' 2015 ProLife Training Camp!

         This will be the 18th annual Survivors ProLife Training Camp.

         James was too young for the first camp in 1998, but he was participated in the second camp in 1999.

         And James embodies everything Survivors stands for and everything Survivors sacrifices for - he is a Survivor!

         James knows that he is the man he is today in part because of you and the many who have given to make the work of Survivors possible.
         James knows that without your faithfulness, Survivors would not have had their first training camp, nor the second annual camp that he attended.

          Without friends and supporters like you, there never would have been the camp when he snuck out to smoke a cigarette - and got caught! - and learned a valuable lesson about failure and repentance.  And there never would have been the camps when he led us in worship and praise.

         And he knows as he begins to organize the 18th annual Survivors Summer Training Camp that he is going to need you again!!  Without your support there will be no camp.

         Camp is the beginning of a life dedicated to rescuing those unjustly sentenced to death!

         For many young people it is the very first time they will come face to face with the reality of abortion.  They will hear the gruesome facts about abortion; they will see the victims of abortion and they will realize they are a Survivor of the Abortion Holocaust!

         It will be heartbreaking for them, causing many to feel overwhelmed with truth about abortion.  But James won't leave them there!

         Because this is what the Survivors ProLife Training Camp is all about!

         James and his fellow Survivor leaders will take that grief and sense of hopelessness and forge these young people into warriors for life.  He will shepherd them to live their God-given life to its fullest and walk out their Christian faith.

         Together he and the Survivor leaders will demonstrate how to confront the evil of abortion with the sword of truth in one hand and how to administer the healing balm of God's love and forgiveness with the other.

          Planned Parenthood, or as Survivors unaffectionately calls them Planned Barrenhood, and the abortion cartel, should know these young people are training to put them out of business!

         Yes, these young people are not content to allow abortion to run rampant across their country.

         They want to find other young people and fill their lives with the fire of purpose.

         The Survivors camp will be recruiting, training, and equipping young people to fight against abortion and to step into leadership roles in their generation, just like James Conrad and so many others who have come through the Survivors camp have done.

          Mary Rose Short will be there!  She is the daughter of the notorious fighter for life and liberty - attorney Katie Short of Life Legal Defense Foundation!

         Mary Rose, our director of Campus Outreach, will teach the young people how to effectively reach out to students on high school and college campuses.  And nobody knows better than Mary Rose, our most experienced Survivor when it comes to campus outreach.

         This camp promises to have more Survivors leading the training than any camp before it!

         The young people you invested in are taking their place, leading with passion, training with conviction and equipping their peers to end abortion in America!

         Those of us who did the training in years past will have the opportunity to watch as the young people take our place and lead this camp.

         Oh, don't get me wrong!  We old leaders aren't going anywhere until God takes us home.

         The young people love to hear from leaders like Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Wendy Wright, Joe and Eric Scheidler, David Bereit, Jill Stanek, Scott Klusendorf, Fr. Pavone, Walter Hoye, Bernadette Smyth, Bryan Kemper, Ryan Bomberger, Don Blythe, Eoghan De Faoite, Mark Harrington, Troy Newman, Austin Ruse, Star Parker, Fr. Terry Gensemer, Kristan Hawkins, and Brandi Swindell.

         Those leaders are heroes of the faith who have so much wisdom to share; they know the pains and struggles of leadership.  They know both victory and defeat!

         What the young people will never hear from them is a call to give up.  These leaders live perseverance and they are in the fight until the end of their lives or the end of abortion!

         I always loved to say that nearly 30 years ago God messed up my life for good when he awakened me to the evil of my generation and brought me into the work of rescuing babies, changing hearts and minds and bringing people back to or into the faith.

         I'm so thankful He did.  I love this work he has called me to.  I love the babies' lives saved from abortion.  I love the friends like you who have supported these young people.  My life is richer because God messed up my plans and my life for good!

         Now James' life is messed up for good and so is Mary Rose's life - messed up for good!

         Survivors has messed up so many young people's lives for good over the past 18 years it just makes me proud!  It makes me thankful, too.

This year will be no different; we're determined to mess up as many lives for good as possible.

Let me share with you just a few of the highlights of the Survivors Summer Training Camp:

  • The Abortion Industry: Because no one can fight an effective battle without first knowing the opposition.  From abortion methods to abortion providers and promoters, the dark history and current status of the abortion industry in America is exhaustively examined.
  • Persuasively Defending Life:  In-depth apologetics and ambassadorship. Preparing you to represent the plight of the preborn in any situation, teaching you to engage in effective dialogue with the ultimate goal of impacting hearts and minds.
  • Activating Your Community:  Taking the initiative, starting pro-life groups, engaging and activating your peers in their hometowns.
  • Media:  From online resources to traditional print, television and radio, utilizing the power of the media to consistently present the message of life to the American people.
  • Sidewalk Counseling:  Because the sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic is the last line of defense for a preborn child and his mother, experienced sidewalk counselors will equip you to lovingly reach out to women with hope and alternatives to abortion.
  • Legal Rights:  What you should know as an activist about the Constitution, state and local laws, and how to interact with police at a pro-life event.  Knowing your rights is crucial if you are to be an effective and unflinching voice for the preborn!

         I love what Brandi Swindell, a former camp attendee and now a nationally known leader and sought after speaker, shares.  Brandi founded Stanton HealthCare. Today Stanton is expanding internationally, Brandi knows leadership.  Listen to what she has to say:

         "Survivors is one of the most powerful and effective pro-life organizations we have today.  Survivors is unique in that they not only believe young people can be the leaders of tomorrow but that they can actually be the leaders of today!"  

         "Through awareness, education, and action Survivors mobilizes this generation to be actively pro-life.  There is no better voice for the pro-life movement than the young energetic and articulate members of Survivors."  

         Brandi is just one of the many young leaders who will be sharing again at our camp this year.  Actually I hope she is!  I just realized I haven't asked her yet!  But I know she will be there to share her experience if there is any way she can make it!

         And this year there is no lack of former campers who are available to help with the training because that's what Survivors Camp is all about!

         This is why so many have given sacrificially of their time and money! To raise up this generation to send abortion back to hell where it came from!

         But camp is not just about training - it is about acting pro-life!  

         It is about activism, speaking out for those who have no voice but whose cries God hears! 

         Not only will the Survivors ProLife Training Camp train and equip young people to be an effective voice for the voiceless, but it will also give them an opportunity to try out a wide variety of pro-life events and activities during the second half of camp.

        Whatever their individual personality or gifting, they will be able to find a pro-life outreach that will work for them!  Everybody has a place in this fight for life.  We help young people find that place!

        The Survivors ProLife Training Camp includes activism like organizing Prayer and Worship Vigils in their local communities.  Because first and foremost this is a spiritual battle!

        But the Survivors don't leave it there because they know faith requires action, so the young people will go to the street!  The street is where their mettle will be tested. They will be challenged by passersby.

         Their faith will be challenged, their knowledge tested and their courage will be tried.

         This is invaluable experience.  For from the fire of trials comes strength and tempering of themselves, their faith and their convictions.

         The campers will go to colleges and high schools to speak to their peers about the reality of abortion procedures, development of the child, and the sanctity of life.

         The young people will get the opportunity to go right to the gates of hell, not just to protest but to rescue babies from death - just minutes before their appointment with the abortionist.  They will sidewalk counsel mothers to avoid the lifelong pain of knowing they allowed the taking of their child's life.

         The Survivors will save lives this summer and for years to come!

         But the street activism, campus outreaches and sidewalk counseling are only a part of the experience the young people will be given.  They will also be trained to write a press release and hold a news conference.  And they will make news just like they have every year for the last 18 years!

         Politics will not be ignored either!

         The Survivors will be trained to participate in the political process.  We will teach them how to get involved and we will prepare them for the inevitable defeats and how to capitalize on victories.

         They will know involvement in politics is neither theirs, nor the babies' savior, but their duty as Christians to be a voice and a vote for life and righteousness.  They are the salt of the earth!

         And the campers will volunteer at maternity homes and pregnancy resource centers because pro-life work is also a work of compassion.

         This is the Survivors ProLife Training Camp and it is sure to mess up some young peoples' lives for good!

         Will you join me in welcoming my son-in-law, James Conrad, as the new Director of Training and Apologetics?  

         He is going to need your help to make this camp the success he knows it can be.

         Every year we charge each young person far less to come to camp than it actually costs us because we believe it is too important a work to turn young people away who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

         And every year I have asked friends like you to give to make this camp possible and you have given generously and faithfully!

         And the fruit of your efforts has never been as evident as it will be at this year's camp!!!

         Your gift, given with great expectations of $35, $50, $75 or $100 will help so much for us to say yes to young people who otherwise couldn't come.

         And if you are able to make an extraordinary gift of $500, $1000, $5000 or $10,000 it would take such a heavy burden off our leadership team to know the finances are there to make this camp a success!

Your gift will indeed mess up a young person's life for good and you can join me in saying:

Planned Parenthood, meet our kids!  They're not kids anymore, and for them it is personal!!!

Please give today to make the 18th annual Survivors ProLife Training Camp a reality!

         Thank you for all you have given through the years and for you generosity and support of our young people as they courageously fight for life!        
                                      Your friend for life,                                                              

                                       Jeff White

                                       Founder, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust         

P.S.   We are excited Reverend James Conrad is joining Survivors.  With great expectation we look forward to this summer's camp!  We want Planned Parenthood to meet the kids they didn't kill and to see in them the vision of the abolition of abortion in this country.  Please give generously now so this summer's camp can continue to train up the next generation to fight for life!  

Here is a slideshow to introduce you to James, his wife - my daughter, and his family and to introduce you to just how important the Survivors training camps were a part of making him the man and leader he is today!