Rain, Snow, Campus Administration: Our Campus Outreach Team Has Overcome Every Obstacle!

We've been on the road for almost five weeks, bringing the truth about abortion to tens of thousands of students all across the country. The team has persevered through long hours in the snow, heat, and rain and worked late into the night on emails and photo archiving. In the last five weeks we've traveled across twelve states and held over thirty campus outreaches and twenty other pro-life events outside of abortion facilities and in busy downtown areas. The team has a tireless energy that I've had trouble keeping up with! Not only are they tenacious on campus - they distributed 2000 pieces of literature on one campus alone - but they have fun during every spare moment of the day. We have been truly blessed by the wonderful families we stayed with during our travels. I hope you enjoy these glimpses into our life on the road. Please keep our team in your prayers. We're driving back to California tonight...and then we have seven more weeks of campus outreach! 


Our second day on the road, in Albuquerque, NM, all the schools were closed because of snow and ice. We took the opportunity to produce some videos, chalk outside of every abortion facility in the city, and play in the snow!

Nashville, TN brought us illegal arrests, rain, and more snow days.  

We teamed up with Created Equal's Justice Ride to hit three universities in Florida.

Birmingham, AL and Jackson, MS came next with more bad weather, an illegal arrest, and Jeff and Cheryl joining the team for a few days! Local pro-life youth joined us at almost every campus outreach!

Dallas and El Paso, TX police and school administration tried to shut us up, but they weren't able to stop our dozens and dozens of life-changing conversations. And you can't stop the team from having fun!

Phoenix, AZ is our final stop. The near 100 degree heat is tiring the team, but they won't give up. Today we had a showdown with university administration - they said that we were violating their policies regarding displays. We weren't, so we stood our ground and continued to display our signs, distribute pamphlets, and talk with the hundreds of students walking by. The administrators called the police to have us arrested - but the police officer explained the First Amendment to the administration and didn't bother us at all!

Thank you for your prayers and support. Without your help, our team wouldn't exist and tens of thousands of students would still be enslaved to the lies of the abortion industry and the culture of death. May God bless you and your family this Easter season!