You Can't Save the World

"You can't save the world."  That's what this man said as he took time out of his day to maintain the status quo.  Watch the video to see how Bobby responded - it's great...

Exactly!  "Why not?"  By his actions, I think this man was really saying, "I don't want you to save the world. And I'll do what I can to make sure you don't."  Well, if you really believed what you said, you wouldn't need to rub out our message, would you? Me thinks the lady doth protest too much! 

And that's exactly why we need world-changing activists!  Activists draw attention to a cause, which is one of the only ways the world has changed for the better.  Martin Luther King Jr. said, "We have not made a single gain in civil rights without determined legal and nonviolent pressure. Lamentably, it is an historical fact that privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily."

So activists create, as MLK pointed out, creative tension and constructive pressure. Or, in the words of Mother Teresa, they "cast stones across the water to create many ripples."  To change the world for the better.

If one stone can make many ripples, what about seventy-five stones?  If you have been to camp, you know the answer.  If you haven't, come see for yourself -  join us for Survivors Camp this year, and be a world-changer!

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Ready to Make Waves,

Rev. James Conrad
Director of Training and Apologetics
urvivors of the Abortion Holocaust