Becca's Story

May 22, 2015 – Sometimes the work Survivors does is hard and depressing.  Other times it is rewarding and encouraging.  One of the encouraging moments happened last week at San Diego Mesa College when team member Claire Miller talked to a young lady named Becca.  Claire asked Becca if she would share her story with you, and I’m glad she said yes.

Becca and her daughter’s stories show that the pro-choice slogan “Every child a wanted child” is deceptive. 
Pastor and pro-life author Randy Alcorn aptly wrote, “There are unwanted pregnancies, but there is no such thing as an unwanted child.  While certain people may not want them, other people desperately want them.” 
He also noted that the real difference lies in how you complete the slogan.  “Every child a wanted child, so… let’s place children in homes where they are wanted, and let’s learn to want children more.” Or “Every child a wanted child, so… let’s identify unwanted children before they are born and kill them by abortion.”
We thank God for the courageous choices that Becca and her biological mother made!  They saw abortion and adoption for what they really are.  Adoption is a courageous and respectable choice, possibly the best in a bad situation, one that gives life to a child and to a family.  Abortion seems attractive, but it is only wishful thinking, and it is really the most destructive choice.

We often offer adoption as a loving option, and we wanted to share Becca’s story because it blessed and encouraged us.  We hope it will do the same for you.

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