Pro-Life Youth to Advocate on Behalf of Sofía Vergara and Nick Loeb's Preborn Daughters at Magic Mike XXL Film Premiere in Hollywood

Contact:  Survivors Media Coordinator; Cheryl Conrad, Director of Operations 909-213-8472, Contacto para entrevistas en Español: Astrid Bennett-Gutiérrez, Pro-Life Advocate, 562-480-8097

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June 25 -- On June 25 at 6:00 p.m., over 75 high school and college-age youth will converge upon the Hollywood & Highland premiere of Magic Mike XXL to advocate for the preborn daughters of actress Sofía Vergara and her former fiancé Nick Loeb.  Vergara is expected to attend the premiere in support of her current fiancé, Joe Manganiello, who has a starring role in the film.

While engaged in November 2013, Vergara and Loeb conceived two female embryos through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The couple broke their engagement before the embryos could be implanted in a surrogate, and their daughters remain in storage at a California facility. Nick Loeb has sued his former fiancée for custody of their children, asking to bring them to term through a surrogate and then raise the girls on his own. Vergara has refused his request.

Tragically, the preborn daughters of Sofía Vergara and Nick Loeb are representative of the many embryos who have been frozen or killed because of IVF. Recognizing the humanity of each embryo, the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust will gather outside the Magic Mike XXL premiere to speak on behalf of Vergara's voiceless children. The young people will peacefully advocate for the human rights of the two tiny embryos, reminding Vergara that her children are unique persons deserving of a future.

"When Sofía and Nick conceived their daughters through IVF, they became parents to two unique human beings. Sofía's refusal to allow her daughters' birth makes no sense - why create children simply to put them in the freezer indefinitely? Embryos are people, not property."  - Ashley Baldwin, Communication Coordinator, Survivors

"Sofia's daughters deserve a chance to live their lives and decide their own future.  She should take responsibility for her actions and allow her daughters to grow up with their father." - Paul W., Survivor, age 16

"I have two younger sisters. Sofia has an older son. I can't imagine never meeting my little sisters, let alone knowing that they are frozen in storage! These embryos are living human beings who deserve as a chance to be born. " - Sabrina A., Survivor, age 18

"Part of our Latino culture is to value and defend our children. These embryos are Sofía's flesh and blood, not commodities. We urge her to release custody of her embryos to their father. We also want families who struggle with infertility to know that there is a healthy, ethical option to IVF, that does not cause children to be created with the possibility of discarding them in the future, and promotes the health, dignity, and well-being of women and families, called NaPro Technology." - Astrid Bennett-Gutiérrez, Pro-Life Advocate

En nuestra cultura Latina, amamos a los hijos, y los defendemos. Estos embriones llevan la sangre de Sofía, y urgimos a la actriz que no olvide sus valores, que nos distingue como raza. Ademas, queremos que las familias que sufren de infertilidad sepan que existe otro método que no crea vidas solo para ponerlas en peligro, que no perjudica la salud de la mujer, y es mas económico y eficaz. Se llama la NaPro Tecnología. - Astrid Bennett-Gutiérrez, Activista Pro-Vida

SURVIVORS is a pro-life youth organization dedicated to educating and activating the youth of America.  The Survivors are taking an active stand on behalf of those who have already been lost, and for those who are scheduled to die through abortion. They are empowered by the truth, enabled by extensive training, and unafraid of condemning the death of innocents.